Winter Park Colorado Weather

Colorado is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing states in the nation. For good reason, people are picking up to move to Colorado, likely, for its plethora of adventure, general vibe, and outdoor activities. Exploring the great outdoors can be an exciting change for singles and families alike. Luckily, there are plenty of mountains towns in Colorado that offer an escape from city life and give you, instead, a tranquil vibe and plenty to do. 

Winter Park is a great destination for those that are looking for an affordable, exciting, and quaint town. One of the main concerns of people considering moving here is the weather in Winter Park, Colorado. Is it too cold? What should be expected during each month of the year? This Rocky Mountains town has four distinct seasons, each with its own advantages. Below we’re giving you the full scoop on the Winter Park Colorado weather and what you should expect when living in this area of the Rockies. (Hint: it’s amazing!)

what is the weather like in winter park colorado

Spring Weather in Winter Park, Colorado

First, let’s start with Spring! In a word, spring in Colorado is usually quite unpredictable. For example, sixty degree days mix in with spring flurries, snowstorms, thunderstorms, hail, and everything in between. As the local saying goes, “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.” That saying is never truer than in the springtime.

Additionally, Spring weather in Winter Park is often a foreshadowing of what to expect during the summer months. It’s usually a time that people begin adventuring to the mountains, once again, just as winter is beginning to wrap up. Flora throughout the state is in bloom, and snowy passes move to open. There are plenty of fun activities to partake in the area when moving to Winter Park. 

Curious to know more about the Winter Park Colorado weather in spring? Here’s a snapshot:


  • Max Temperature Average: 46.6°F
  • Min Temperature Average: 16°F
  • Average Precipitation: 1.99″

winter park colorado weather

Summer Weather in Winter Park, Colorado

Summer in Winter Park Colorado is absolutely beautiful. Sunny, warm days, cool nights, the occasional afternoon thunderstorm. This weather is perfect for hiking, camping, biking, boating, fishing, and backcountry skiing (yes, even in the summer). Summer months can get quite busy for Colorado’s mountain towns, which only serves to prove how amazing this state is during this season. There’s never a lack of fun and is ideal for families of all sizes. 

The saying is, “People move to Winter Park for the winter and stay for the summer.” Once you experience summer in Winter Park, Colorado chances are you’ll agree.


  • Max Temperature Average: 73°F
  • Min Temperature Average: 34°F
  • Average Precipitation: 1.95″

Fall Weather in Winter Park, Colorado

Fall is one of the most unrecognized seasons in many local Coloradan minds. Not only is the weather stunning (warmer 50 to 60 degree days and cooler 20 to 30 degree nights), but the fall beauty is stunning.

Golden, red, and orange aspens paint the mountains, leaves start falling, and clear, blue skies take over the mountains. Many tourists explore the Rockies during this time of year simply to witness the majestic scenery of Colorado high peaks and the beautiful changing trees. There are numerous places to visit to witness these changing colors. 

In Winter Park, there’s still plenty to do during the Fall months. For example, some year’s snowfall begins early and you can get a head start on your ski season. You can also venture out and explore more of the fall festivals in the area, or simply enjoy mountain hikes. Regardless, the season changes provide a wonderful backdrop to the ever-changing weather in Winter Park, Colorado.  


  • Max Temperature Average: 65°F
  • Min Temperature Average: 24°F
  • Average Precipitation: 1.5″

weather in winter park colorado

Winter Weather in Winter Park, Colorado

Winter can be a scary word, especially for those who hail from the Midwest and Northeast.
Many people ask, “How can you handle such a long, cold, winter?” While others just simply state that they could never live in the Colorado Rockies during the winter.

The truth is, it’s wonderful!

Imagine sunny days, crisp nights, lots of sparkling snow, and low humidity! 30 degrees in the bright Colorado sun is a lot different than 30 degrees on a chilly, damp, overcast day. Fluffy, cold, snow that is a lot easier to ski, shovel, and drive on than the wet, slushy stuff that you run into in the Midwest and Northeast.


  • Max Temperature Average: 28°F
  • Min Temperature Average: -6°F
  • Average Snowfall: 23.4″

Curious to know more about the winter snow total? Go here to find more information. Regardless of the time of year, you’re sure to love and appreciate the weather, activities, and adventures that come with living in Winter Park, Colorado. Some bonus features about living in Winter Park is its proximity to metro Denver, which is only an hour drive away. There are plenty of things to explore in this region, including:

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