Camping in Winter Park Colorado

campingEveryone knows that Winter Park is a winter wonderland, and sometimes we forget how amazing the area is in the summer months. The name is partly to blame for that, but it only takes a few minutes with a mountain sunset or reclining in a cool breeze to realize that it’s quite a welcome feeling to see the snow begin to melt. Even though there are a ton of ways to get out and enjoy nature on sunny days, one of the best ideas to get an intimate feeling of Grand County is to do some camping and spend your nights under the stars!

Winter Park CO Camping

Camping in Winter Park, Colorado

There’s no shortage of nature in every direction surrounding the city of Winter Park, so finding a place to camp is never a difficult thing to do. That being said, there are a variety of designated campgrounds in and around the area that are best suited for camping. We’ve put together a list of some of the best campgrounds in the area for you to enjoy a night in nature.

Arapaho Bay Campground

This nice campsite sits right next to Lake Granby. It has 84 spots, and 7 of them are open during the winter. It also has drinking water, toilets, trash collection, and a public boat ramp. It costs $19 per night, or $38 for a double.

Green Ridge Campground

This is another campground next to water, and this one sits by Shadow Mountain Lake. It has 78 spots, and access to a boat ramp. The prices are also $19 to $38 per night. It’s a nice place if you want to do some boating or fishing, but the lack of shade makes it less popular among people interested in hiking and getting away from it all.

Idlewild Campground

This campground is a nice one situated next to the Fraser River, and it’s just a few minutes south of Winter Park. It’s a nice choice because you can stay here and have short walks to visit the town. However, it’s slightly smaller than the lake campgrounds with only 24 sites. It costs $16 per night, but reservations cannot be made prior to arrival.

Midland Campground

This is a campground for only one group, but it can accommodate up to 36 people. The fee is $100 per night, and it’s paid to the Fraser Valley Lion’s Club. It’s next to the Fraser River, and has a lot of shade to relax in.

Robbers Roost Campground

This is another campground located south of Winter Park, and it’s a little more private but offers less amenities. There are 11 sites available for $14 per night, but they are again only offered on a first-come, first-served basis. It’s a popular place for people planning on doing some hiking.

St. Louis Creek Campground

This campground is located north-west of Winter Park, and as the name implies, it sits right next to St. Louis Creek. It has 16 campsites available, and they are again given to the first to show up. There are plenty of trails to go hiking or biking, and it has access to drinking water.

Sunset Point Campground

Sunset Point is almost the same as Stillwater because it’s located next to Lake Granby for the same prices. However, it’s significantly smaller with only 25 sites, and they’re all non-electric. It does have a boat ramp, though, and all amenities necessary for tent campers.

Second Creek Campground

This campground is located right off Highway 40 south of Winter Park. It’s a small and remote camping area, but visitors really enjoy the isolated feelings while staying here.

Stillwater Campground

This is another campground on Lake Granby, and it has 129 sites (with 11 open every month of the year). It has a public boat ramp, and it offers all the amenities needed by tent or RV campers. The prices are $22 – $44 per night.

Camping Around Winter Park CO

General Camping Information

If you’re interested in camping in Winter Park, Colorado there’s some things you should know. From the differences between private and public land, to RV/Car Camping, versus backpacking there’s a ton of different options for every different type of person. Here’s some useful more general information about camping in the area.

Public vs. Private Land

While it can be great to stay at a campground, they do generally charge fees and can be more crowded. If you’re looking for a more private experience, you can consider camping on land that’s part of a national forest. This is free and usually more spacious, but you won’t often have access to any amenities like bathrooms or running water. Doing this is known as dispersed camping, and you just need to make sure you’re on public land – not private property. Also try to stay at a campground that’s been previously used (a fire ring is a good sign), and try to impact the land as little as possible.

RV Camping vs. Tents

If you want to have a wonderful experience, you don’t have to have all the skills of a nature survivalist. Maybe you like the feeling of living off the land, and you like the satisfaction that comes from knowing you assembled the shelter that’s keeping you alive. If that’s you, then you’re most likely a tent camper. Or, maybe you want to have a door that locks, a bed to sleep in, and a shower to wash off the dust. Those are signs of an RV person. But, you can still get the middle ground by staying at an organized campground with certain amenities provided. The point is that there are camping options for all types of people around Winter Park.

Camping Safety

Whether you choose to stay in one of the campgrounds or find your own spot in the mountains, you’re sure to find fun and adventure while camping near Winter Park. But, just make sure that you do everything safely. Mountain weather can change drastically, so bring plenty of clothes. Also, be careful of wildlife, only have campfires when allowed, drink plenty of water, respect the land, and make sure to tell someone where you’re going and when you’ll return.

Another great summer activity in the Winter Park area is hiking.

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