Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficient Mountain HomesFor all of our new homes for sale in Winter Park, CO we offer an energy efficiency package. This is designed to be friendly to the environment and save you money in long-term energy costs. Our energy efficient mountain homes all utilize the latest technology and up to date building methods.

Benefits of Grand Park’s Energy Efficiency Package:

  • Lower Energy and Maintenance Costs
  • Greater Comfort, with Less Noise
  • Healthier Indoor Air Quality
  • Environmental Protection and Responsibility
  • Higher Resale Value

Grand Park Efficiency Features and Estimated Annual Savings*

  • High-efficiency windows that provide Low-e double pane, insulated casements
  • Energy Star Appliance packages

All of these features total 26-40% savings per year over conventionally constructed residences.

The benefits of our energy efficient mountain homes in Colorado are all part of Grand Park’s commitment to providing an INNOVATIVE and SUSTAINABLE community in the Fraser Valley that will provide comfort and enjoyment both now and for generations to come. It feels good to set yourself apart by doing the right thing now for the benefit of our future and the longevity of your Winter Park property investment.

*Savings based on individual home energy efficiency tests.