Things To Do in Winter Park CO

Winter Park is the kind of place that has something to offer all year round. From the name, you might think this is an area that only flourishes in winter – but that couldn’t be farther from the truth! From the nature that surrounds the area to the town itself there’s no shortage of entertainment no matter when you find yourself there. Whether your a resident or just visiting, here’s a list of the best things to do in Winter Park CO.

Summer Activities

Things to do in Winter Park Summer

Mountain Biking

It’s hard to have a conversation about Winter Park without mentioning mountain biking, one of the biggest activities in the area. Biking is so popular in Winter Park that it is considered to be the mountain biking capital of the USA, and it’s not hard to see why – scenic, untouched trails line the numerous mountains around Winter Park, allowing for hours and hours of travel. There are many mountain biking events throughout the summer as well as ‘fatbike’ rentals, for those who are looking to really dig deep in the off-roading opportunities.


Hiking is what you might consider the natural activity of choice in a place with as much natural beauty as Winter Park, Colorado. You can hike in a variety of ways: locally, in the trails in and around the town of Winter Park, or long-term taking the hundreds of miles of hiking trails which wind throughout the Fraser Valley. While the conditions of high altitude hiking can be a bit more extreme than hiking in a flat area, the deep, vascular system of trails throughout the area will leave hikers of all experience levels overwhelmed by the natural beauty.


Winter Park isn’t just about “Winter” there is tons to do here in the summer in fact you could argue there is even more fun things to do! One of those great activities is camping. Winter Park has some of the most amazing camping nestled within the rocky mountains. Discover your options on this page ranging from tent to RV to public vs private land!


Many people do not realize that Winter Park is a hot bed of fishing spots that is home to multiple rivers and lakes within the area. With so many different watering holes you can catch a whole slew of different kinds of fish. No matter if its winter or summer you can guarantee to find a good time fishing in these parts!


The air is thin and crisp up in Winter Park, making it a fantastic place for a round of golf. With four fantastic golf courses in the area it’s a great destination for any golfer no matter what your level.

Horseback Riding

There’s something about Winter Park that makes you want to ride a horse. The wild nature and great outdoors just gives off a vibe that suits horseback riding perfectly. Whether you own your own horses or are looking to partake in an organized ride, there’s plenty of options in the area. 

White Water Rafting

With three adventure rafting companies serving the area and three different rivers to choose from, Winter Park is a great jump off point for white water rafting. There’s options for first timers, to seasoned professionals in the area and it’s a great activity on a hot summers day.

Winter Activities

Things to do in Winter Park during Winter

Alpine Skiing

Another obvious inclusion on the list is skiing, which serves as the winter supplement for mountain biking in Winter Park. Winter Park Resort is no slouch when it comes to skiing opportunities. The mountains around the area allow for everyone from beginners to experts to get in days of great powder winter-round, and classes are available for those who have never skied before.

Cross Country Skiing

For those that prefer a bit more of a workout and slower paced skiing adventure, the Winter Park area is a fantastic place for cross country skiing. There’s numerous trails of all different difficulty and length as well as plenty of places to rent equipment. It’s a really good way to explore the natural surroundings during colder months.

Snow Tubing

We never lose our inner child! It doesn’t matter what age you are sledding is a blast! If you’re looking for a little more relaxed way of getting down the hill then strapped to a pair of ski’s try tubing down on a cloud of air. Winter Park has some great spots to do just that. Our personal favorite is Colorado Adventure Park which is fantastic fun for the whole family.


If you like jet-skiing or four-wheeling, then you must try your hand at snowmobiling in Colorado. Winter Park is a great place to bring your own, rent, or join an organized tour with numerous options and trails in the area. This is many Colorado locals favorite activities and there’s a good reason why!

 Ice Skating

Winter Park has three ice skating rinks in the area which provide a great family friendly activity during the winter season. You can bring your own skates or rent your own on these rinks. Winter Park also features an indoor skating rink so you can keep you skills sharp year round.

Fitness & Yoga

Colorado is one of the most healthy and active states for a reason. There’s always something to do to get your blood moving. Whether you like the outdoor sports or the more traditional route of working out on machines and classes Winter Park has everything for everyone to stay in shape. Discover Grand Park’s fitness center along with a wide variety of other work out activities and locations.

Indoor Activities

We get it, the outdoors aren’t for everyone all the time! Not to worry, if you are in Winter Park with an adrenaline junky and need some time to yourself there are plenty of more relaxed activities you can enjoy throughout. Some of them include, art galleries, cinema, bowling, wellness centers and so much more! Enjoy the uniqueness of Winter Park while avoiding any possible undesirable weather!