Living in Grand Park

Grand Park is a master planned community of single family homes and duplexes in Winter Park, Colorado. Our growing community offers a fantastic location right next to world class skiing, beautiful nature, and within a reasonable distance to Denver. If you choose to make Grand Park your home, here are all the wonderful things you will be surrounding yourself with.

Master Planned Community Grand Park

Grand Park is an organized and master planned community which sits on over 1,700 acres in Fraser, Colorado. Surrounded by open space and a beautiful natural setting, this community is a pedestrian-friendly village with miles of trails, and made up of brand new mountain homes. Not only has our community been designed for optimal comfort and convenience, while maintaining the natural feel of living in the mountains, but our new homes are built to be as beautiful as the landscapes that surround them. From gorgeous hickory stained cabinets, to stainless steel appliances, all of our homes are the perfect blend of mountain and modern style. Our vision for Grand Park was sparked by a desire to provide brand new, affordable mountain living in an area with pristine beauty and a rich history.

Scenery in Grand Park

One of the primary reasons that people choose to live in the mountains is for the pristine natural setting. The scenery around Winter Park and the surrounding Fraser Valley will not let you down, it is a gorgeous area of mountains, forests, and rivers. The main artery of the area is the Fraser River which cuts through this beautiful valley like a knife and provides a plethora of great things to do. The Grand Park community is surrounded by the Arapahoe National Forest which is a vast wilderness of different types of flora and fauna. The thick, mountainous forest is beautiful during all four seasons and whether it’s pine trees covered in snow or the vibrant orange leaves of the aspen trees during fall, you will fall in love with the scenery around you. As far as mountains go, there’s no shortage in nearly every direction you look. From Byers Peak to Mt. Epworth these giants of the land provide spectacular views and an endless amount of things to do.

Grand Park Shopping

While Winter Park is a small mountain town that feels very much in harmony with nature and a world away from Denver, there’s no shortage of common city amenities that will make your life easier. The Grand Park community is strategically located with a number of useful places nearby. Just a short drive towards the center of Fraser and you will find a large Safeway as well as the Fraser Market Place. These nearby shops making grocery shopping very easy to do. For wine, liquor, and spirits, there’s Icebox Liquors which is located right beside the Grand Park office, in the village. For filling up your tank there’s a Shell Station located in the village at Grand Park as well. From the Fraser shopping center to a number of boutique shops, there are plenty of places to shop for clothes and most anything else you might need to live in Winter Park.

Grand Park Entertainment

Besides the great outdoors, there’s a plethora of great things to do in Winter Park, Colorado. First and foremost is the fantastic, world class Winter Park Ski Resort. Comprised of seven unique territories, Winter Park Ski Resort has some of the best skiing Colorado offers for all different ages and levels. With over 3,000 acres of land, crisp groomers, terrain parks, and lots of glade skiing, it’s one of the primary forms of entertainment for most residents who live in Winter Park. That being said, there is many other great things to do near to the Grand Park area. As part of the the Village at Grand Park we have the Foundry Cinema & Bowl. This is a great place to hang out with delicious wood fired pizza, a full bar, a cinema with all the latest movies, and eight lanes of bowling. There’s also Colorado Adventure Park, which is a fantastic snow tubing hill right next the the Grand Park neighborhood. Winter Park is also home to some great restaurants with a variety of cuisine, a number of breweries, a winery, a moonshine distillery, and plenty of fun bars. The city of Winter Park has a rich and interesting history and there are a number of fun museums which help you to better understand the area. Mountains have always seem to attract artists, so enjoying the local art galleries is also a nice indoor activity on a cold day.

Grand Park Health

Winter Park has all the modern health facilities you and your family could need. There are a number of general health and family medicine clinics in the area as well as dentists, opticians, and chiropractors. Living in the mountains is good for your health for a number of reasons, but there are also plenty of facilities to make sure you get the active lifestyle and physical activity you need to stay healthy. The Grand Park Recreation Center is right down the street from our neighborhoods which is equipped with all the modern exercise and gym equipment you might need as well as a lap pool, climbing wall and much more. There are also a number of fitness centers in the area as well as facilities for yoga, physical therapy, massage clinics, and crossfit.

Outdoor Activities in Grand Park

Arguably the biggest draw to Grand Park and Winter Park as a whole is the abundance of fantastic outdoor activities to keep you busy. We’ve mentioned downhill skiing and snow tubing already, but there is much more to do than just this. Winter Park has been named ‘Mountain Bike Capital USA’ and from single track trails to festivals and competitions it’s a wonderful place to mountain bike. The natural surroundings of the area provide an endless number of trails for hiking and trail running, as well as cross country skiing and snowshoeing in the winter. If spending the night under the stars sounds appealing to you, Winter Park is a great place for camping. The Fraser River is a great spot to fish and if golf is your thing there are some nice courses in the city and surrounding areas. The one thing you can be sure of if you choose to make Grand Park your home is that you won’t find yourself bored as there’s just too many great things to do.