Winter Park Ice Skating

Given the amount of snow found in Colorado and its many mountain ranges, the state is known for its abundance of Winter sports and activities. Those living in Colorado, or those looking to visit, should make themselves at least somewhat aware of all of the opportunities for winter fun. Winter Park is well known for a variety of winter activities, and Winter Park ice skating is a great one. It’s a family friendly thing to do which is fun for all ages.

Best Ice Rinks Around Winter Park

Ice Skating in Winter Park

Winter Park Resort

If you’ve never gotten a chance to go ice skating, fear not as Winter Park Resort’s rink will make it easy.

The outdoor rink located at the Village in Winter Park Resort could not be more accessible. In addition to the nearby resort lodgings, visitors can rent skates and even partake in free ice skating lessons during the Winter Season.

Fraser Valley Sports Complex

Those looking to skate indoors during the off season will find the enclosed rink at the Fraser valley Sports Complex to be a boon.

In addition to skating, the complex is also home to a variety of other athletic activities such as soccer, volleyball, and baseball.

There’s no better way to top off a busy summer day playing outdoor volleyball than to take a couple of laps around the chilly indoor rink..

While the rink itself does not rent out skates, the rink’s location amid many shops means that there are several third party suppliers nearby for easy renting.

Best Time for Ice Skating Winter Park

Best Time for Ice Skating

Seeing as how many outdoor rinks are actually located on top of lakes, it is vitally important that the weather be as cold as possible to ensure that the ice is solid enough to withstand the weight of multiple skaters.

Ice skating rinks will usually begin to open up around the same time that ski slopes begin to open. This means that it usually isn’t until deep Winter, December through March, that rinks will open. In addition, rinks may sometimes temporarily close even during skating season if the weather conditions are too warm.

Unlike most Winter sports, ice skating can also be enjoyed during the off season as well! Indoor rinks might not be as scenic or as large as their outdoor counterparts, however they’re a great way to practice throughout the year. There’s nothing worse than losing your edge after a couple of months off the rink.

Check out indoor rinks to keep those skills sharp and your body fit, regardless of the weather outside.

If you do choose to go ice skating outdoors however, it is important to keep an eye on the clock. Generally daylight hours will be the best for skating- 10am to 6pm. Things are well illuminated and the temperature isn’t at a minimum. As night sets in the weather can drop sharply and the low light conditions may prove to be a hazard. While spending an evening skating certainly carries a romantic air about it, most rinks won’t stay open past 9 or 10pm due to the harsh conditions.

Ice Skating Colorado

The Benefits of Ice Skating

Ice skating is a sport which builds lower body strength, grace, and poise. Not to mention, it’s great fun! Not only are you sliding across the ice at high speeds, you’re also improving yourself at the same time!

Compared to other Winter Sports, the barriers to entry are not as high either. Skating rinks don’t necessarily require elevation or incredibly large tracts of space such as with skiing or snowboarding. The skates themselves aren’t as expensive or difficult to transport compared to say, sledding. There’s really no excuse not to try it out given all of the opportunities available to oneself.