White Water Rafting

Colorado is a land of adventure and wonder. From the original pioneers who journeyed westward to modern day thrill-seekers, there has never been a shortage of brave and intrepid people who come to Colorado in search of overcoming new obstacles. One of the many trials to be conquered in the Centennial State are it’s many white water rapids. With the right knowledge and a good rafting tour company, you too can experience Winter Park rafting, which is a fantastic place for riding rapids.

Winter Park Rafting

When is the best time to go rafting?

Colorado is known for it’s very consistent and temperate weather. As soon as the flowers start blooming in May, the weather is reliably sunny and enjoyable until near the end of September. This means that white water rafting can be enjoyed for the majority of the year, instead of only very specific seasons like in other areas.

How difficult is white water rafting?

Much like any other outdoor adventure activity, rafting is a hobby which requires practice and time to become proficient in. Not every rapid will be an accessible start for everyone and it is important to keep in mind the level of difficulty you might expect to face when partaking in a rafting trip.

Entry Level
While still thrilling, these courses are generally fast, straight shots devoid of obstacles. The speed is still there but rafters don’t have to worry about coordination as much. To compare it to another popular Colorado activity, skiing, these would be the equivalent of a bunny slope.

Intermediate Level
These rapids will require some degree of teamwork and communication. The rafting guide will still have enough control to course correct, but will require the passengers to follow instructions. A good gateway into the world of professional, coordinated white water rafting.

Advanced Level
These are for serious hobbyists looking for a challenge. Advanced routes require a well organized team which communicates well and can think on their toes. Every mistake has a consequence

Rafting in Winter Park

What are some popular rafting locations?

Colorado River
The largest and most famous river in Colorado. This river is well known among rafting enthusiasts for having some of the most difficult and advanced white water rapids. Thankfully, the sheer size and length of the river means that there are plenty of options for rafters of all skill levels as well.

Clear Creek
A gentler and more beginner friendly option which can be found conveniently just outside of Winter Park. If you’re wanting to dip your toes into the world of rafting to see if it’s for you, then a trip along Clear Creek is an easy way to do so which won’t end up taking your whole day.

Blue River
One of the many tributaries of the Colorado River, Blue River offers a level of difficulty right between Clear Creek and the great Colorado itself.

Rafting in Colorado

Which companies offer rafting trips?

KODI Rafting
KODI offers trips down five different rivers, including Blue River, Arkansas River, and Clear Creek. They offer trips of every difficulty, ensuring that there’s an option open to everyone.

Red Tail Rafting
A company which specializes in trips down the Colorado River. One of the benefits to choosing Red Tail is that they offer free transportation from Winter Park and even include a free lunch!

MAD Adventures
Currently MAD offers trips down two rivers, Clear Creek and the Colorado. In addition to your standard trip format, MAD also offers rafting classes and even overnight rafting trips. Anyone looking to brush up on their skills before tackling one of the more rigorous rapids might be able to learn a thing or two by booking a class with MAD Adventures.