Winter Park Snowmobiling

Colorado is known for its rich selection of winter activities and offers a wide variety of options to the would be winter wanderer. What makes snowmobiling stand out and why should you consider it for your next trip? Exploring the great outdoors of Colorado is a completely different experience during the Winter and makes snowmobiling stand out as a unique activity, especially in the Winter Park area.

Snowmobiling combines the fun of off roading and mountain tours during the winter season when such activities are usually not possible due to environmental conditions.

Snowmobiling in Winter Park

Those looking for fun that can accommodate the whole family should be aware that even kids can get in on the snowmobiling fun! Many snowmobile tour and rental places also offer “snowscoots” which are miniaturized versions of snowmobiles which children can use to learn and practice. Those that want to share their passion for snowmobiling with their children will find snowscoots an excellent way to show them the ropes.

Best Time For Snowmobiling in Colorado

The best times for snowmobiling are during the early parts of the year, from the start of January to the middle of April, when the snow levels are at their highest.

One of the most important parts of snowmobiling is the snow, so snowmobiling is always at it’s best when the snow is deep and fresh. Remember to check with the tour company ahead of time however, as some years the season might start as early as the beginning of December, weather permitting.

Winter Park Snowmobiling

Snowmobiling in Winter Park

On The Trail Snowmobile Tours

Looking for the freedom and adventure of unguided and snowmobile rental? On The Trail has you covered.

On The Trail’s snowmobile route spans approximately 130 miles and weaves through the hauntingly beautiful environment of the Arapahoe National Forest during the winter.

In addition to the snowmobile, renters also receive appropriate snowmobiling apparel such as boots, a helmet, and a snowmobile suit. While exploring the route alone might seem intimidating, On The Trail’s clear and easy to understand trail map will make it clear where to go. Those who bring family or friends are also eligible to receive a group discount!

Grand Adventures Snowmobliing

Grand Adventure

The tours offered by Grand Adventure reach a maximum height of 12,000ft, offering a breathtaking view of Winter Park and Fraser Valley.

One of the most popular, premiere tour services, Grand Adventure has established itself as a long running player in the Colorado adventure sports scene. While the snowmobiling season might be limited to the Winter, Grand Adventure is open all year around and also offers off road vehicle tours.

On the Trail Snowmobile Tours

Colorado Adventure Park

While mainly known for being a tubing hill, Colorado Adventure Park also provides snow scoots for the little ones! Let your child experience the thrill of snowmobiling in a safe and low stakes environment.

Unfortunately, while tubing is still a viable activity for adults, the snow scoots are restricted to those under five feet and ninety pounds. Still, watching the excitement your child will get out of their snow scooting experience is a thrill in and of itself and makes Colorado Adventure Park a great choice for families.

Snowmobile Near Winter Park

Spirit Lake Lodge

Those planning to take a Winter vacation to Colorado in order to snowmobile should strongly consider Spirit Lake Lodge.

In addition to renting out snowmobiles and being near a snowmobile trail, Spirit Lake Lodge also functions as a hotel.

Accommodations, activities, and good food- the Spirit Lake Lodge is a one stop destination offering all a traveller could need. Wake up to a grand breakfast, hit the ski trails for a bit, stop back in for lunch, rent a snowmobile for the rest of the day, then come back and enjoy a nice warm cup of hot cocoa- all located in the same spot.