Up And Coming Colorado Towns

Colorado continues to top charts as one of the best places to live in America. Some may have even considered relocating to one of the top 3 cities in the US: Denver, CO or Colorado Springs. But did you know that there are other areas of Colorado rising in popularity?

In fact, many smaller towns in Colorado, particularly those surrounded by majestic mountain scenery,  are showing upward growth. What’s more, many of these up and coming Colorado towns offer affordable housing, kind and welcoming communities, and easy access to Colorado’s immense natural beauty. Check out some of the best towns that are growing quickly. 

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1. Fraser

To start the best up and coming Colorado towns, we have the small town of Fraser. Fraser is located within the Rocky Mountains, in Middle Park, and is a part of Grand County. From Denver, it only takes around ninety-minutes to reach Fraser, which makes regular commutes to and from Denver very easy. Plus, along with that, Amtrak provides regular service to Fraser.

Since Fraser is located within the Rocky Mountains, you have easy access to the different landscapes that the Rocky Mountain offers. This makes it easy to enjoy the extraordinary natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Plus, you also have easy access to a wide variety of fun outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, skiing, kayaking, and many others.

But, along with that, Fraser is right by Winter Park. With just a short drive, you have access to Winter Park and the skiing and snowboarding that Winter Park offers. This makes taking a nice ski vacation much easier, and less expensive.

Today, living in Fraser is easier than ever, thanks to the presence of affordable real estate and excellent communities. One of the best communities in Fraser is Grand Park, which offers excellent real estate for very affordable prices, a kind and welcoming community, as well as close proximity to all of the beauty that Fraser offers. There are plethora of activities for singles and families, plus its an ideal location for quick access to other expensive resort towns, and metro Denver. 

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2. Breckenridge

Right at the base of the Tenmile Range, there’s the small town of Breckenridge. Out of all the towns that are located within Summit County, Breckenridge has the largest population of them all, with 4,928 residents

As a result of Breckenridge’s proximity to Tenmile Range, the town offers easy access to some of the best skiing in Colorado. But, along with that, there is easy access to the beautiful natural landscapes of the Rocky Mountains, as well as a plethora of fun outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and mountain biking.

While Breckenridge is most well-known for its outdoor activities and proximity to Tenmile Range, the town itself is incredibly charming and has a very quaint and peaceful atmosphere that is also rich with history. For example, many of the buildings and structures located within the downtown area date back to the Gold Rush, and are part of the National Historic Register. Along with that, there are plenty of unique shops and restaurants that you can visit, many of which have Gold Rush theme.

In comparison to the other towns in this guide, Breckenridge is one of the most expensive, with a median home cost of $565,600. Much of this price comes from the fact that Breckenridge is located so close to Tenmile Range, which is a very popular skiing destination, and that it’s a small town that doesn’t offer much in the way of housing. But, as the town continues to become more and more popular, it’s likely that there will be far more real estate options available.

3. Lyons

Another among our list of up and coming Colorado towns is the town of Lyons is located within Boulder County. It’s only twenty-miles from Rocky Mountain National Park. In comparison to the other towns in this guide, Lyons is rather quirky, and hosts a very active art community that consists of numerous art-related events and galleries.

Throughout the town of Lyons, you’ll find a plethora of unique restaurants and coffee shops, all of which offer excellent food and drink. There are a variety of different art galleries located throughout the town, and artistic events involving live music or art showings are very common.

Some of Lyons most popular events are the summer music festivals that they host annually. These are music festivals such as the RockyGrass Festival and the Rocky Mountains Folk Festival, which are both BlueGrass music festivals. But, many of the town’s restaurants and bars also offer live music.

As a result of Lyons vibrant artistic community, it isn’t uncommon to see unique and distinct public art displays. These are things like sculptures and murals, which are located all across the town. The prevalence of public art displays gives Lyons a rather unique sensibility that isn’t found in many of Colorado’s other small towns.

Of course, a significant part of Lyons popularity and growth is due to its close proximity to Rocky Mountain National Park. As a result of Lyons proximity to Rocky Mountain National Park, there is no shortage of fun and enjoyable outdoor activities to take part in. These are activities such as biking, hiking, kayaking, fishing, snow tubing.

As Lyons grows in popularity, so does the cost of real estate. The median home price in Lyon is $501,900, which is more than it once was. And, as with many other mountain towns, the cost of things like groceries and miscellaneous items is a little higher, as well.

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4. Ridgway

Ridgway is known as the “Gateway To The San Juans”, as it is located in the northern San Juan Mountains, right on the San Juan Skyway. As a result of the Ridgway’s location, it’s right by the San Juan Mountain Range, which is one of Colorado’s most popular, and photographed, mountain ranges.

Within the town of Ridgway you’ll find a variety of nice restaurants and old structures that hint at the town’s past as a railroad town. Ridgway isn’t a very large town, though, so there aren’t very many things to do within the town. But, outside of the town, you have easy access to the San Juan Mountains and activities such as hiking, mountain biking, camping. Because of this, Ridgway is perfect for those who want to live somewhere that’s peaceful, quiet, and close to nature.

While the population has grown a fair amount in recent years, the real estate prices have remained fairly consistent. The median home price is $482,000, and that price gets you a large home, and depending on which part of Ridgway you purchase the home, a large outdoor property.

Colordao is expected to grow in the coming years. Investing in up and coming Colorado towns might be a great way to get ahead of the crowd. Learn more about our Grand Park community here.