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Why Build Energy Efficient Homes?

The green movement is continuing to gain momentum in all industries. From organic products on grocery shelves to less wasteful packaging, it’s become a sort of mainstream. Plus, more folks are looking to recycle and reuse. Being eco-friendly is certainly a movement and it didn’t take long for the real estate market to also catch […]


Summer activities in Grand Park’s open spaces

It’s full-blown summertime in the Colorado Rockies! The Grand Park community is really enjoying the weather too, with summer being prime time for activities in Grand Park’s open spaces. The grass is green, the fish are jumping, and wildflowers are in bloom! The Grand Park ponds are fishing great right now, and the resident rainbow, […]


The weather’s warming in Grand Park!

Spring is turning into summer here in Grand Park, just in time for Labor Day! The snow is melting in Grand Park and the Fraser Valley, though the surrounding peaks of the Colorado Rockies are still capped in snow. Plants are beginning to bloom, and wildlife sightings are on the rise, such as the geese […]