Why Build Energy Efficient Homes?

The green movement is continuing to gain momentum in all industries. From organic products on grocery shelves to less wasteful packaging, it’s become a sort of mainstream. Plus, more folks are looking to recycle and reuse. Being eco-friendly is certainly a movement and it didn’t take long for the real estate market to also catch on. Improving homes in terms of energy-efficiency has proven to be extremely beneficial to local communities, not to mention valuable to homeownership. After all, more home buyers’ are looking to invest in green living. But why build energy efficient homes?

In this article, we’ll cover a few ways that energy efficient homes and green homes are improving how homeowners save: both the environment and their wallets. Grand Park, a newly emerging community of housing, bringing good use to energy efficient homes while also taking note to protect the beautiful and majestic surroundings of the Colorado Rockies. 

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What are energy efficient homes? 

First, green homes also called eco friendly homes are not always synonymous with energy efficiency. Rather, energy efficient is a component of eco friendly. By definition, energy efficient homes are structures that are built with a few things in mind, including:

  • Thermal envelope
  • Ventilation control
  • Efficient HVAC systems
  • Tightly sealed doors & windows
  • Energy saving appliances

Energy efficient homes provide means for homeowners to reduce their energy use throughout the year. Additionally, this type of efficiency also prevents excess waste to our environments. Using less heat, for example, saves valuable resources and allows us to still live comfortably. 

What are “green” homes?

Energy efficiency usually improves the healthy environment inside of your home and your ability to save on energy consumption. On the other hand, green homes usually refer to how the home was built.

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Green homes are also known as eco-friendly homes. Green homes are constructed from environmentally friendly materials, usually materials that are less impactful and recycled. Similarly, water usage during the home building stage is taken into account, as is the machinery that is often involved in homebuilding. As Mother Earth News explains these building materials include:

  • Recycled Steel. This avoids the high energy costs of smelting metal
  • Bamboo 
  • Sheep’s Wool
  • Bales of Straw
  • Precast Concrete
  • Soil
  • Plant-Based Polyurethane Foam

The goal of green homebuilders is to have as little impact on the environment as humanly possible.  Green homes won’t necessarily reduce your heating and cooling costs, though. Why build energy efficient homes? Most build energy-efficient homes to aim at lowering your energy bill.

Ideally, ecosystems benefit from both green and energy efficient homes. Consider them in your next Colorado home purchase

Simply put, a green home is focused on environmental responsibility in construction. An energy-efficient home aims at environmental responsibility in how you occupy that home.

Why Build Energy Efficient Homes? 

There are several reasons homeowners want an energy-efficient house. In the first place, energy efficiency saves money. Your heating and cooling bills will be significantly lower.

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Next, an energy-efficient home is more comfortable. It is warmer and less drafty in those winter months. It is more comfortable in the heat of summer months because the high-efficiency cooling system removes both heat and humidity.

When it is time to sell, the energy-efficient design will increases your home’s appeal and raise the resale value.

If you are concerned with lightening your family’s carbon footprint, it is comforting to know that your home and your lifestyle fight global warming. 

How Has Technology Improved the Quest for Energy Efficient Homes?

New technological advancements in both building construction and building materials have made the task of creating green, as well as, energy-efficient homes easier and more successful. Modern machinery, similarly, is less wasteful. There are new means for recycling building materials and supplies, many of which conscious home builders are taking advantage of. Technology continues to change how home builders construct newer homes, and building codes are also regularly updated to be more eco-friendly. 

Why is it Important to Consider Energy Efficiency in Mountain Homes?

The goal of manufacturers of energy-efficient homes is to reach net-zero energy use. At the same time, builders want to create a comfortable environmentally high-quality home for its inhabitants.

Mountain homes given their location and surroundings offer many opportunities for great living and energy efficiency. Buyers are looking for architectural designs that capitalize on the view while being kind to the environment and saving them money on energy costs. It’s important to preserve as much of the surrounding natural environment as possible, particularly in newer mountain towns

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Maximizing Energy Efficiency in Your Home

First, energy-efficient insulation will make a mountain home more comfortable while making it less expensive to heat and cool. Well-insulated homes save money and increase comfort in all seasons.

  1. Wood burning fireplaces capitalize on the abundance of available firewood in mountainous areas. The fireplace cuts heating costs while making your mountain home cozier
  2. High-efficiency windows and doors properly installed seal in heat and cooled air making your mountain home comfortable and easier to heat and cool in every season.
  3. Installing energy-saving appliances with Energy Star labels cut energy costs.
  4. Solar panels generate electricity in your mountain home cutting energy costs because your mountain home can gent direct sunlight on its roof, harnessing the sun’s natural energy.
  5. Lighting choices are important too. Installing LED lights throughout your mountain home cuts lighting costs indoors and outside. LED lights last longer, provide bright, cool lighting and save on lighting costs.

New Home Construction in Mountain Towns

Your mountain home should take advantage of the sun’s exposure. Check where the sun hits your house and your lot. Look at where trees and shrubs are located. Much care has been taken in constructing mountain homes and designing landscaping so that direct sunlight is used to warm the house during cold months and cool the house in the summer through capitalizing on tree and shrub shade.

Deciduous trees planted on the west and south sides create summer shade. In the winter months, these trees shed leaves allowing the sun’s exposure to warm the mountain house.

Making a mountain home energy efficient can be accomplished with just a few considerations. Where you position the house in relation to the sun’s natural exposure is an important consideration. Decisions about what vegetation to plant and where to put it also helps save heating and cooling costs.

It is worth the effort to make energy-saving changes both for your pocket and for the environment.

How is Grand Park Using Energy Efficient Technology in Their Building?

In all its new homes for sale in Winter Park, CO Grand Park has created an energy-efficient mountain home package. The ultimate goal is to save homeowners money, create comfortable houses, and be kind to the environment.

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The park’s mountain homes use the highest energy insulation InsulStar® so heating, cooling, ventilation, and noise reduction are maximized comfort and healthy air quality. Grand Park uncovered the best quality materials and spent some time sourcing these higher-end products with energy efficiency in mind. High-efficiency windows and doors cut energy costs by between 25% and 40%. Additionally, all appliances are Energy Star quality for ultimate efficiency.

Winter Park homes use the latest technology and the most recent energy-saving materials. In addition to Grand Park’s well-insulated homes, more updated building practices are being incorporated into the construction of these newer communities in Fraser, CO. Grand Park incorporates Built Green™ practices, which:

  • Maximizes Savings
  • Conserves natural resources
  • Promotes water conservation and healthier local habitats
  • Reduces carbon footprint

Discover a true mountain community that seeks to protect the beauty of the surrounding areas. Contact us today to learn more about our home building practices and available homes for sale.