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Best 14ers in Colorado for Beginners

One of the best ways to enjoy the amazing landscape of Colorado while getting some exercise is hiking a 14er. What’s a 14er, you ask? This is an affectionate nickname for mountain peaks that are higher than 14,000 feet in Colorado. There are 53 official 14ers in Colorado, with an additional five that don’t make official […]


Best Dogs for Colorado

Colorado is a great state to get outdoors with your dog, sometimes on multi-day backpacking adventures. However, because of the cool temperatures and elevation, not all dog breeds will be suited to the climate. For example, short-snouted dogs like Boston terriers and boxers will have short endurance on the many trails in the Colorado country. […]


Best Drives in Colorado

Colorado’s magnificent scenery is one of the reasons that outdoors enthusiasts and tourists alike come to enjoy this great state. From majestic mesas, sprawling plains to rushing rivers and soaring mountains, Colorado seems to have it all. Looking for a way to enjoy the views? Consider taking one of the best drives in Colorado listed […]