Where Should I Live in Colorado?

where should i live in colorado

Colorado is the second fastest-growing city in the United States, with the population climbing year after year. In 2018 alone, the population is growing 1.37%, with 5,684,203 recorded.  A hundred years ago, Colorado only boasted a population of approximately 940,000. However, the stunning beauty and diverse landscapes have made this picturesque state one of the most popular in the United States. In addition, many cities in Colorado feature some of the best restaurants and chefs in America, several world-famous breweries and more.

There is something for everyone in Colorado, from humble ski towns to big cities and everywhere in between. Read our list of recommendations below to find the answer to the question, where should I live in Colorado?

Ski Towns in Colorado

If you’re a winter sports enthusiast, one of Colorados picturesque ski towns may be the place for you. Ski towns like Winter Park, Colorado are a great place to raise a family, enjoy diverse outdoor activities and have some of the best skiing in the state right in your backyard. Winter Park is cupped by the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests and the Rocky Mountain National Park. Residents of the serene mountain town can enjoy top of the line skiing both in the backcountry and at the well-known Winter Park Resort. In the summertime, hiking, biking, and rock-climbing are readily available in the surrounding wilderness. James Peak makes for a popular destination with its hiking trails, glacier lake and stunning wilderness.

Winter Park is all about small-town living with a modest town center. However, Winter Park is only an hour and a half from Denver in case residents feel like visiting the big city.

where to live in colorado

Big Cities in Colorado

Used to big city living? Colorado has that too. Denver, Colorado is a bustling city filled with things to love for city-dwellers. Several districts feature breweries, nightclubs, and bars perfect for a night out with your friends. These urban districts also feature some of the best concept restaurants in the nation. The Rocky Mountains and huge portions of the National Forests surrounding them are right in Denver’s backyard, making for great mountain biking, hiking and skiing opportunities.

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Colorado Springs to the south of Denver is another great example of a big city. Colorado Springs is near both the famed Pikes Peak at the eastern edge of the Rockies and the iconic Monument Valley. The sweeping sandstone rock formations and prehistoric history of Colorado are highlighted in the many parks, museums, and local businesses. However, Colorado Springs has everything you could ask for in a big city, including nightlife, unique dining and more.

Colorado Springs is also home to the Garden of the Gods, a world-famous park full of natural sandstone formations that defy the imagination. It is a mecca for the versatility of the Colorado terrain and is a fantastic year-round destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

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Small Cities in Colorado

Some may enjoy the balance that a small city offers between remote ski towns and bustling urban centers. Boulder and Fort Collins are two examples of such cities, that have everything you could ask for in a city but a more tight-knit community. Both Boulder and Fort Collins host large universities, which means that nightlife and unique dining are present in both and plenty of things to do for a younger demographic. 

In addition to nightlife, Boulder hosts several music and food festivals throughout the year, as well as emphasizing the arts. It has been named the happiest place in the United States. This is in part due to the unique balance of outdoor activities, craft breweries, world-famous chefs and concept food and drink. Boulder always has something to do!

The city of Fort Collins also offers a similar mix of activities. It is surrounded by the Horsetooth Reservoir, Horsetooth Mountain and Open Park, and the Lory State Park. The rugged wilderness lends itself to a large rock-climbing and hiking presence. The Old Town Historic District of Fort Collins is also immensely popular and features several pubs, eateries, and boutiques.