Best Restaurants In Fraser, CO

In Fraser, Colorado, there are all kinds of unique restaurants to eat at. You can find cute and quaint cafes, delicious burger joints, comfortable Mexican restaurants, exciting bars and pubs, as well as a movie theater that doubles as both a bowling alley, and pizza eatery.

Right now, Fraser, Colorado is experiencing a significant amount of growth, this growth is leading to the creation of all kinds of new restaurants, each one catering to different tastes.

If you are going to move to Fraser, or are simply thinking about visiting, then it isn’t going to be difficult for you to find the perfect restaurant that satisfies your taste buds! Here’s our list of the best restaurants in Fraser, Colorado.

What Are The Best Restaurants In Fraser, CO?

The Foundry

Out of all of the different restaurants in Fraser, The Foundry is one of the most unique restaurants in the entire town.

The Foundry is a movie theater, as well as a bowling alley. But, it is also a restaurant that serves pizza, as well as various other dishes. You can go bowling while eating a nice, hot pizza, or you can watch a new movie with that same pizza.

If you aren’t particularly hungry, but you want something to drink, The Foundry has a fully-stocked bar, and you can take your favorite alcoholic beverage into the movie theater.

You can find them at this link, and they are open seven-days a week. From Monday to Friday, The Foundry is open from 4PM to 10PM. On Saturdays and Sundays, The Foundry is open from 1PM to 10PM

Crooked Creek Saloon And Creekside Eatery

Crooked Creek Saloon And Creekside Eatery is a nice, comfortable place to enjoy a hot meal, and a good drink.

When people first go to the Crooked Creek Saloon And Creekside Eatery, they are enamored with just how kind and friendly the staff are, and how cute the staff are. Then, once they take a bite of their meal, they are amazed by how good it tastes. The cooks specialize in dishes from all around the world, rather than just local cuisine.

The Crooked Creek Saloon And Creekside Eatery has been around for a while, and that’s because they make some amazing food, and they’ve retained a strong local atmosphere.

You can find them here, and they are open everyday, from 11AM to 1AM.

Elevation Pizza

Within the Fraser Valley Shopping Center, you can find Elevation Pizza. Elevation Pizza serves delicious pizzas, as well as salads, chicken wings, and cookies.

When you eat a pizza from Elevation Pizza, you’ll notice how thick and delicious the crust is, and how the different toppings have been applied in such an elegant manner. You will also recognize the kindness of the waiters and cooks, and the great prices. If you don’t feel like going into the restaurant itself, you can order delivery.

Elevation Pizza is at this link, and their hours are 11AM to 9PM, Tuesday to Sunday.

One Love Beach Bar & Grill

One Love Beach Bar & Grill is one of the few “hidden gems” in Fraser. If you like the beach, and find yourself partial to the beaches found in the Caribbean, then you’ll love the One Love Beach Bar & Grill.

Due to the small size of the restaurant, the decor is nice and quaint, consisting of some vibrant colors. Outside of the restaurant, there are some very comfortable seats. When you’re ordering your food, you’ll pay some of the lowest prices in Fraser.

If you’d like to check them out, you can find them here, and there hours are 11AM to 3PM, from Wednesday to Sunday.

Sharky’s Eatery

Sharky’s Eatery is a restaurant based on the traditional diners you will find in the Southwest. Here, you’ll find a new special, every weekday, and a wide variety of different breakfast and lunch meals, the kinds of things your Grandma cooked for you when you were a kid.

Most of the locals in Fraser go to Sharky’s Eatery, and the people that work at Sharky’s were born and raised in Fraser. This lends itself to a nice and relaxed local atmosphere. If you want a good and very filling meal, for a low price, and you’d like to see where the locals eat, Sharky’s Eatery is the place.

You will find their website here, and they are open from 6AM to 2PM, from Monday to Friday, and 7AM to 2PM, from Saturday to Sunday.

Los Nopales

Los Nopales is another one of those “hidden gems”. Here, at Los Nopales, you’ll find some delicious Mexican food.

If you want Mexican tacos with fish and chicken and beef, Los Nopales is the place. Their tacos are stuffed with all kinds of tasty ingredients, and the salsa is absolutely delicious. They do serve other Mexican dishes, but the locals consider the tacos to be the best thing about Los Nopales.

You’ll find more about them here, and they are open seven-days a week, from 12PM to 3PM, for lunch, and then from 6PM to 11PM.

Solstice Winter Bistro

Visitors love the Solstice Winter Bistro, and that’s because they serve a wealth of different wines and cocktails, and some delicious dinners and desserts. Unlike many of the restaurants in Fraser, the Solstice Winter Bistro is a fancy place.

Regardless of your taste in wine, you will find the ideal wine for you. Regardless of your taste in food, you won’t have any issues finding a delicious gourmet meal that soothes all of your taste-buds. While all of this is happening, you will be enjoying one of the finest dining experiences in all of Colorado.

If you want to look at their menu, and to make a reservation, you can find them here. They are open from 5PM to 9PM, from Wednesday to Sunday. They are only open during the Winter season.

Rocky Mountain Roastery Cafe

The Rocky Mountain Roastery Cafe is less of a restaurant, and more of a coffee shop that serves some of the best coffee and pastries you’ll find.
Everyday, the staff at the Rocky Mountain Roastery Cafe makes their pastries from scratch, and these pastries are things like cinnamon rolls. The coffee is roasted using some of the best coffee beans in Colorado, and it is absolutely delicious, and very nice if it’s a cold day.

You can find their website here, and they’re open everyday, from 6AM to 6PM.

Fraser Valley Distilling

Fraser has several distilleries, but not only is Fraser Valley Distilling one of the best, it also serves some excellent food. You’ll find some great drinks, and delicious food, as well as a quaint atmosphere, all for a nice price.

Most of the food that Fraser Valley Distilling serves falls under the label of either “Salad” or “Sandwich”, but both types of dishes are delicious and cheap. You will find cocktails and spirits that are great to drink, and well-priced.

If you want to know more, you can find them at this link, and they are open from 4PM to 9PM, on Thursday to Saturday, and from 12:30PM to 5PM, on Sunday.

Azteca Mexican Restaurant

If you’re especially hungry, and want a delicious and filling Mexican meal, then Azteca Mexican Restaurant is the ideal choice. You’ll find all kinds of delicious Mexican dishes that are well-priced.

The Azteca Mexican Restaurant is a nice, little restaurant housed in a small, but elegant space. Every member of the staff is friendly and kind, and the menu contains a wide variety of choices, ensuring that you’ll always find one dish that sounds especially good to you. If you want something to drink, there’s a bar in the restaurant, that is always well-stocked.

You can find more about them here, and they are open from 11AM to 9:30PM, on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. They’re closed on Tuesday. From Friday to Saturday, they’re open from 11AM to 10PM, and on Sunday, they are open from 11AM to 9PM.

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