Tips to Buying a Cabin in Winter Park, Colorado

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If you are in search of the perfect cabin in Winter Park, Colorado you are in luck. There are many styles, sizes, and options to choose from. Whether you are in search of a cabin to talk home full-time, part-time, or a few times each year, read on to learn more about the value of cabins in Winter Park, Colorado.

Just Want to Stay 3-8 Weeks a Year?

If you are looking to spend just a few weeks each year in your Winter Park Cabin retreat then you might want to look into using it as a vacation rental to put some extra cash in your pocket. When choosing a property that would work as an annual family escape and a profitable real estate endeavor you’ll want to keep a few things in mind.

To get the highest rental rates try to find a property with the following:

  1. A great location – this doesn’t need to mean slope-side, but a location that is close to town, trails, within walking distance to restaurants, stores, and other opportunities visitors would like to enjoy.
  2. Amenities – When people go on vacation, they want access to amenities they would not likely get when they are home. Amenities such as gym, easy access to public transportation, a game room, a hot tub, and more, drive prices up!
  3. Beds – The more beds, the more money you can expect to see from your property. Don’t want to purchase a huge cabin? You’re in luck. People who rent vacation rentals don’t always need individual bedrooms, just bunks or places for people to sleep.

Looking to Live Part-Time?

If you are looking to have the freedom to use your cabin in Winter Park when you want, but not live full-time, we recommend considering the following when purchasing.

  1. Ensure your property is easily accessible. Here in Winter Park, we are lucky enough to get a ton of snow each winter! While we love it, there is nothing worse than heading up to your cabin and finding that your driveway is snowed in or a tree has fallen down blocking access.
  2. Think storage! There are a ton of year-round activities out here, that’s part of what makes it such a fun place to live! Lots of the activities require gear, so when buying a cabin or house in Winter Park, be sure you have plenty of space to store all that gear, year-round.
  3. If you’re not going to be there, who will maintain your cabin? When purchasing a cabin in Winter Park for part-time living, be sure to research if maintenance is offered in the development or by an outside management company. For instance, within our Grand Park community we offer an affordable maintenance free living package that provides our community members with peace of mind. From lawn care, plowing, shoveling, to monthly walkthroughs, our maintenance free living package takes the work and worry away from our residents.

Commit Full Time:

Full time mountain living is a great choice for individuals, families, and couples who are looking to reconnect with nature, invest in a growing economy, and of course spend more time on the slopes. If you are in search of a full-time, mountain getaway be sure to consider the following:

  1. Consider your values – Do you value walkability? Scenic vistas? Privacy? Community feel? Access to hiking or biking trails? Friendly neighbors? A gym nearby? Something else? Whatever your values are, be sure to invest in a cabin that suits your lifestyle.
  2. Think about space – If you live in a mountain vacation town, your family and friends will be even more excited to visit you! Do you want to host them? Or would you rather they stay at a local bed and breakfast, book a VRBO, or hotel? Consider space, layout, and capacity.
  3. Think about storage – What activities do you enjoy? Chances are they require some gear. Be sure to look into a cabin that will provide you with ample and convenient, storage.

Moral of the story, Winter Park and Fraser are great locations to build or buy a cabin in the mountains. When planning your purchase be sure to think about your needs to ensure that your purchase works for you and your lifestyle for years to come!

The Grand Park Community offers residents and part-time residents housing that is built with lifestyles in mind. Whether in search of a quaint condo, duplex, or single family mountain cottage, Grand Park has it! Call 970-726-8700 to learn more or speak with a real estate expert.