Why is Everyone Moving to Colorado?

According to the Denver Post, Colorado is the second fastest growing state in the US. Between 2014 and 2015 there was nearly 101,000 people who moved to Colorado. Only North Dakota has been growing at a faster rate than Colorado since 2010. Whether you are looking at growth statistics or the Denver skyline, which is dotted with cranes building new apartment complexes, the obvious fact is that many, many people are moving to our beautiful state. From employment to nature, there are a ton of reasons why everyone is moving to Colorado. Here are some of the most important ones.

Why are people moving to denver

Economic Growth

According to the Denver Business Journal, Colorado has some of the highest GDP growth in the entire country over the last few years. In fact, our state is the has the fourth fastest growing economy in the nation and experienced 3.6% growth in 2015. This is very healthy economic growth and these statistics are a major contributor as to why many new people are choosing to move to Colorado. The primary industries that account for this growth were construction, mining, wholesale trade, and manufacturing.

Why is everyone moving to Denver


With thriving economic growth, Colorado has become a fantastic place to find a job. The Denver Post said that the Colorado job market has been growing faster and more consistently than in the last 20 years. Denver has also been mentioned as one of the ‘bright spots’ of the country as there is such a wide availability of jobs available. Among those new jobs, the professional and business services sector is predicted to contribute the biggest percentage of those new positions. Whether it’s recent college graduates or families looking for a change in lifestyle, there are many people starting and changing their careers in Denver as well as the rest of Colorado.

Why is everyone moving to colorado

Thriving Small Communities

If you spend some time in Denver it is easy to see signs of population growth all around you. From increased traffic to new construction sites, there is an abundance of new residents moving to the capital. In fact, the entire skyline is being changed with so many new skyscraper going up around the downtown area. However, it’s far more than just Denver’s high levels of growth in Colorado. Front range communities like Greeley, Fort Collins, and Loveland are also seeing large amounts of population and economic growth. In fact, largely due to the energy sector, Weld County (which surrounds the city of Greeley) was in the top 3 for the most job growth in the country, even more than Denver between 2014-2015. While the energy sector has changed a bit over the last year or so, the growth to small communities across Colorado continues to climb.

Mountains in Colorado


No list of reasons why people are moving to Colorado could be complete without mentioning the gorgeous mountains. Whether you choose to live in the city or a small town, the majestic Rocky Mountains are bound to have some impact on your life in Colorado. Whether it’s skiing, hiking, mountain biking, or simply taking a drive to get away from it all, Colorado offers easily accessible mountains with tons of things to do. While the choices for the best mountain towns in Colorado might be up for debate, there’s no question that visiting them is a part of nearly everyone’s life in Colorado. All across the state are beautiful national parks where you can camp, partake in outdoor recreation activities or simply splendor in the natural setting. There’s no shortage of things to do or mountains to climb if you’ve chosen to make Colorado your home.

Colorado Mountain Biking


While new job opportunities are most likely the biggest factor influencing the hoards of new people moving to Colorado, the lifestyle that comes with it is also very appealing. Colorado ranks in the top 10 healthiest states in the country with very low obesity rates due to a very active culture. The combination of over 300 days of sunshine, and the popularity of physical, outdoor activities, makes for a very healthy and fit population.

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