Ski Pass Options that Include Winter Park

One of the greatest parts of winter in Colorado is hitting the slopes on a day full of fresh powder. But, it’s wise to put in a little bit of planning before you grab your skis or board and hop in the car. If you’re careful about your purchasing decisions, you can very easily spend way too much money on lift tickets.

The good news is that you have plenty of options if you have a house near Winter Park, CO. There’s a great selection of passes that can keep you carving all winter long.

Winter Park Prices

It’s hard to make a simple comparison for how much lift tickets are at winter park because the prices depend on many factors. For example, they’re more expensive at the peak times than they are at the end of the season. Plus, you can get discounts by buying them from locations other than at the mountain itself, and there are plenty of coupons that get spread around throughout the season.

But, if you plan on hitting the slopes more than once, your best option is to get one of the following passes.

Winter Park Season Pass

Price: $439

Link to Purchase:

As the name implies, this is a basic season pass to Winter Park, and it gives you unlimited access to all seven territories of the resort. If that’s not enough, it also gives you three days at Mt. Hood Meadows. And if you’re interested in international trips, it gives three days at Alyeska, plus seven days at Alts Bandai, Cardrona Alpine Resort, Hlidarfjall, Mr. Ruapehu, Nekoma, and Tomamu.

Winter Park Four Pass Freestyle

Price: $249

Link to Purchase:

This is a deal where you can spend four days of your choice exploring the seven territories of Winter Park.  It’s not as great as getting a full season pass, but if you’re only going to be on the slopes a few days, it’s still better than buying individual tickets.

Winter Park Four Pass Tethered

Price: $189

Link to Purchase:

This is the same as the Winter Park Four Pass Freestyle, but it has two main exceptions. The first is that it’s slightly cheaper, but the second is the catch, and it’s that there are restrictions on which days you can use it. But, if you’re planning on going outside of the peak dates, it’s an even better deal!

M.A.X. Pass

Price: $699

Link to Purchase:

This is a great deal for anyone who wants to do some traveling. It not only gives five days at Winter Park, but it also gives the same amount of time at 31 other mountains around the continent. You can try your skills at Alyeska, Big Sky, Blue Mountain, Boyne Highlands, Boyne Mountain, Brighton, Buck Hill, Copper Mountain, Crested Butte, Crystal Mountain, Cypress Mountain, Eldora, Killington, Lee Canyon, Loon Mountain, Mont Tremblant, Mountain Creek, Mountain High, Mt. Bachelor, Mt. Sunapee, Okemo, Pico Mountain, Snowshoe, Solitude, Steamboat, Stratton, Sugarloaf, Sunday River, The Summit at Snoqualmie, and Wachusett. But, before you plan the trip of a lifetime, keep in mind that some of these have blackout dates.

Rocky Mountain Super Pass

Price: $539

Link to Purchase:

Winter Park is great, and it’s lovely to have a season pass to all seven territories. But, the Rocky Mountain Super Pass also gives you unlimited access at Copper Mountain, so you can have twice as many adventures in one winter.

Rocky Mountain Super Pass +

Price: $629

Link to Purchase:

This is basically the same deal as the simple Super Pass, but it also gives unlimited access to Eldora Mountain Resort and a few days at other resorts. Holders get three days at Crested Butte and Alyeska Resort, and six days at Steamboat. They also get seven days each at Alts Bandai, Cardrona Alpine Resort, Mt. Ruapehu, Nekoma, and Tomamu.

Route 40 Season Pass

Price: $539

Link to Purchase: 

This ticket gives you unlimited days on the slopes at Winter Park, but it also encourages you to take a drive up Route 40 because it includes four days at Steamboat.

Route 40 Four Pack

Price: $259

Link to Purchase:

For a little less commitment, this pass gives two days each at Winter Park and Steamboat.

Discounts & Benefits

  • Patriot and College Discounts: Active duty military and college students can get a discount on many of the passes offered, and the military members can also include a dependent at the same price.
  • Store Discounts: Many of the season tickets also include discounts at resort shops, deals on friends and family tickets, and other benefits to the holders.
  • No Blackouts: Another bit of good news is that nearly all of these passes can be used throughout the whole season without any blackout dates. The one exception is the Four Pass Tethered, but the cheaper price is the reason for that.

Do Not Share Your Pass!

Keep in mind that a general rule for any pass is that only one person can use them.  In other words, you can’t buy a season pass with three friends and just divide the days that you each go.

Save Your Money for the Other Things in Life

The big takeaway from all of this is that you have plenty of ski pass options that include Winter Park. If you invest in one of these, you’ll have a significant amount of money left over that you can put towards new skis or something else you’ve been dreaming about!