The Rollins Pass Trail: A 4×4 & Mountain Bike Destination

Rollins Pass is a rewarding and scenic trail that will carefully take you on an adventure to panoramic views, stretching mountain ranges, and glimmering alpine lakes. This gorgeous trail is a gem of the Winter Park area, just northeast of the city limits. If you’ve ever wanted to experience the thrill of 4×4 driving, mountain biking or hiking around the in the crisp air of the mountains, Rollins Pass Trail is a great place to be.

Rollins Pass

Directions To The Rollins Pass Trail

Making your way up to Rollins pass isn’t complicated, and everyone interested in nature’s beauty should be sure to make the travel. If you’re a guest at one of the many resorts and lodges in Winter Park, then reaching Rollins Pass is a simple and enjoyable trip! Making a trip up Arrow Trail and east towards Corona Pass Rd. You’ll end up passing over the supple waters of Buck Creek, not only once but twice.

Continuing east on Corona Pass Rd will gift you with the gorgeous green alpine landscape, and a glimpse at South Fork Ranch Creek. A winding road will lead you in a large pass around the mountain. After many winding turns through the forest, the road will take you straight into Rollins Pass, where you can park, rest, and explore the trail the way you want to. Just keep in mind that during the winter, these trails might not be as easily accessible due to the snowfall.

Things To Do In The Rollins Pass Trail

View Rollins Pass Trail

  • 4×4 Offroad Driving
  • Mountain Biking
  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Camping

There’s plenty of open space for off-road jeep and mountain biking enthusiasts to enjoy. The open area combined with the beautiful environment makes for the perfect afternoon off roading tour.

To your North East, you’ll find King Lake pocketed in the rocky terrain. Several other lakes neighbor King Lake. ensuring that you’ve plenty of refreshing spots to visit on your hike. Once you’re set and hiking up Rollins Pass, you’ll have access to spectacular views, wildflowers, and gorgeous photography opportunities. If you’re keen on it, taking a fishing kit along will let you be able to top off your hike with some fishing.

Those looking to try out everything Rollins Pass has to offer are in luck as the area nearby also has great camping spots. Visit Rollins Pass overnight and bring along everything you need to be able to spend an entire day, or days, swimming, fishing, hiking, driving, exploring, and whatever else your heart desires. Just pitch up a tent and bring enough food to fully immerse yourself in all of the bounties that nature has to offer.

The History Of Rollins Pass

The Rollins Pass Trail

If you’re a history buff, you’ll be pleased to discover Rollins Pass role in history. The humble recreational spot had served as a road for many, providing transportation as a railroad line and a wagon road, even granting Native Americans a natural cross for communal hunting. Many of these landmarks can be discovered, and you can revisit history. Visiting Rollins Pass Trail yourself makes it easy to understand the timeless beauty of it and what countless generations before have seen in the land. It’s not only a beautiful place with breathtaking views, but an important part of Native history and once you spend some time there you will understand why.