More conceptualizations for Grand Park’s future: Market Street

As Grand Park grows, we continue to envision future developments for our community. In last week’s blog post we discussed our vision for a new neighborhood of townhomes within the Grand Park community, called The Willows. For this week’s post, we are pleased to discuss our vision for future commercial development in The Village at Grand Park, called The Market Street development.


Don’t get us wrong: The Village at Grand Park already has plenty of unique commercial offerings. Two movie theaters, eight lanes of bowling, and delicious wood-fired pizza are available at The Foundry. The Icebox Liquor Store and the Winter Park Market offer quick and convenient one-stop shopping. The Grand Park Community Recreation Center offers exercise facilities, gymnasiums, fitness classes, an indoor water park, and more.

In addition to the existing offerings, the Market Street development will bring even more businesses to The Village at Grand Park. The main floors of Market Street buildings will house restaurants, services, and retail shops, with upper floors offering even more space for additional professional services and business offices.


Modeled after the traditional Main Street of a Colorado frontier town, Market Street’s architectural designs will feature modern takes on the ranch-style barns and false storefronts inspired by the style of the Old West.


Each building can be adapted to suit the needs of a variety of commercial offerings. From retail stores to steakhouses; from saloons to salons – there’s virtually no end to the possibilities on Market Street!


Of course, Market Street’s location within the pedestrian-friendly Village at Grand Park means everything will be conveniently located in the heart of the Fraser Valley, serving Winter Park visitors and Grand Park residents alike. Indeed, residents are just a short stroll from their Grand Park mountain home to the dining, drinks, shopping, and other services that will be available on Market Street and in The Village at Grand Park.

Between Grand Park’s interconnected neighborhoods, natural open spaces for recreation, and diverse commercial offerings in The Village at Grand Park, the Market Street development will be yet another reason why Grand Park is the best real estate in the Winter Park and Fraser area!

To learn more about the Market Street development, or more about Grand Park in general, contact us today! Give us a call at 970-726-8700 or email