Living in the Mountains is Healthier for You

Mountains are incredible. No matter where you live on this planet, if there are mountains nearby you understand their power and beauty. The unique scenery and stunning natural landscapes they provide make for some of the most beautiful places this world has to offer. Many people have chosen to make the mountains their home and these lucky people all seem to have something in common. They often seem to be happier and healthier than those who don’t!

Living in Mountains Healthy
People who reside in the mountains are often happier and healthier because there are a ton of benefits that come from life among the clouds. If you’re feeling down in the dumps with your life at low altitude, you should think about making the change. After reading the following benefits, you’ll realize there’s no excuse not to!

Clean, Fresh Air

Not only are mountain towns usually located right in the middle of vast expanses of nature, but there aren’t many cars or industrial areas to add any nasty gasses into the air. This gives your lungs the opportunity to breath in oxygen in the form that your body craves, and you don’t have any nasty additives flowing through your body.

If that isn’t enough, there’s also scientific evidence suggesting that life at high altitudes can lead to healthier hearts. Everyone knows that a healthier heart provides many benefits, and one of the most noteworthy is a longer life. Who wouldn’t want more years to experience beautiful views on a daily basis?

Active Healthy Mountain LifestyleActive Lifestyle

Living in the mountains gives an almost unlimited amount of opportunities to experience the great outdoors. This is important because being out in nature helps in many different ways: it relieves the stress we feel every day, it builds up our happiness, it boosts our energy, and it gives us a more positive outlook on life. City dwellers tend to spend a lot of cash joining gyms or paying transportation costs to get to exercise areas, but mountain life can give you the world right out of your front door. Literally.

So if you’re looking for a way to not make excuses to justify your laziness, this can be the best option you have. You’ll be hiking, biking, running, and skiing in no time – all without feeling intimidated by bodybuilders on the treadmill next to yours.

Less Stress

We’ve already briefly touched on the fact that mountain dwellers have less stress, but this is something worth looking into a little more. In a technological age where people are connected to the stress-inducing corners of life 24 hours a day, more and more are trying to think of ways to relax and save their sanity. Rather than struggling to find meditation classes to fit your schedule, you can just spend some time in a natural setting. Scientific studies have found that even less than half an hour out among nature can improve your state of mind.

Close Friendships

Big cities are full of people, but they have a reputation for allowing their residents to constantly feel lonely. On the other hand, smaller communities make it easier to forge friendships. It’s a well-known fact that people who have a lot of strong relationships in their lives see many positive benefits because of them. People living in close communities learn to really rely on each other when there’s a huge snowstorm or they need someone to pick up their kids, and this trust is what builds long-lasting relationships. Many mountain towns are small enough to give this benefit to their residents.

Healthy Mountain Living
Inspirational Beauty

Life in beautiful settings has the side effect of causing meditative mindsets to those who are exposed, and this immersion into the natural world reminds people that we are connected to all living things. This allows for the brain to relax and be able to be more focused, and these lead to fewer mood disorders, lower stress, and increased happiness. Plus, it’s a great source for creativity!

Nature, Nature, Nature

We’ve been going on and on about nature, but that’s because it’s such an important aspect of living in the mountains. It’s great to be close to it because it’s in our DNA, and seeing life helps you remember to live it. Constantly encountering different sounds, smells, and noises trigger the brain different than city sounds, and it all acts to sooth your nerves.

In Touch with the Earth

When living up in a healthy mountain town, you’ll begin to really feel the seasons around you without ever needing to look at a calendar. You’ll watch the plants change colors and animals grow up. You’ll feel the atmosphere changing as the temperatures rise and fall. You’ll stop being an observer, and you’ll simply become part of the natural way of things.

Family Living Winter Park Colorado
Winter Park Is Ready to Welcome You

Now that you know how beneficial it is for your body and soul to live in the mountains, it’s time to start looking for your new home. Winter Park has tons of things to do – both in the summer and winter – and it has a friendly community that will welcome you with open arms. It’s a quick drive to Denver in case you ever want to pay a visit to the city lifestyle, but you’ll most likely start making more and more excuses to avoid those trips. It’s one of the best mountain towns in Colorado and a great place to begin a new healthy mountain lifestyle!