Affordable Ski Towns

Skiing is a fulfilling sport whether done solo or as part of a group. It is an excellent aerobic and endurance activity. It will help with weight loss and heart health. For many reasons, skiing appeals to people of all ages. It’s not surprising that many long to live in or at least vacation in ski country.

Finding a home in a ski town that fits your budget is a challenge. Let’s explore some affordable ski towns.

Fraser, CO

Fraser Colorado Skiing

Fraser Colorado has earned its title of ski country. But, there is plenty to do here year round. With a population of just under 1700, Fraser offers fresh air, friendly neighbors, swimming, kayaking, hiking and of course skiing.

Most people rent homes in this suburban community or they buy to rent to a steady stream of tourists. This Grand County town has a plethora of eateries, bars, coffee shops, and bars. Young professionals often commute to larger centers but live in Fraser for the relaxed conservative lifestyle.

Touted as one of the best places to live in Colorado, Fraser is a growing community and a great option for an affordable ski town.

  • Average home price in the area: Both housing and rent prices are significantly higher than the national average. Median home prices are $295,000. Median monthly rent is just over $1,000.
  • Cost for a lift ticket/seasons passes: At Winter Park, one of Fraser’s largest ski resorts you can buy advance tickets seven days or more in advance and life tickets at least two days in advance to save money. You can also buy a season’s pass. Adult lift ticket prices for a day are $109. Half day rates are available as well as two and three-day tickets. A season pass can be purchased for just unto $1050 for adults.

Interested in living in Fraser, CO? Learn more about the Grand Park Community

Leavenworth, WA

Leavenworth Ski Town

Located in Chelan County, Leavenworth, WA has a population of 2250. Besides its ethnic diversity, this is a safe place to live and work. Average income is just under $45,000. real estate.

Many relocate or buy a vacation home in Leavenworth because of the skiing and the wineries. Located in the Cascade Mountains this central Washington state town looks like a Bavarian village in the Swiss Alps. There are lots of restaurants and bars serving authentic German fare. Besides skiing residents and tourists enjoy water sports on the Wenatchee River, strolling along Waterfront Park and bird watching. The area is a natural habitat for ospreys and eagles. Ski resorts offer tubing and snowshoeing as well as skiing on a variety of slopes with a wide range of difficulty.

  • Average home price in the area: The median home value is in Leavenworth is $409,000. Rent averages $2000/month.
  • Cost for a lift ticket/seasons passes
    • Family season passes for two adults and up to two young children cost $415.
    • Adult single season passes are $210.
    • Lifetime season passes are $3000.
    • Day tickets are $19.

Taos, NM

Taos New Mexico

Taos is famous not just for skiing but for its art community. It is little wonder that the town’s panorama views and blue skies attract artists. Interesting architecture, mountain views, and picture-perfect sunsets appeal to those who give up amenities of city life to live in this safe, friendly town.

  • Average home price in the area: Average home prices are in excess of $385,000. Average rents are just under $1500/month
  • Cost for a lift ticket/seasons passes: Youth passes for under18 are $250. Adult passes are $350. Weekday Passes are $350 and a four pack of passes is $325.

Ogden, UT

Ogden Utah Ski Town

Located in the Rockies, Ogden offers the amenities of urban living with the lifestyle of the great outdoors mountain town. Residents enjoy a high-quality life in a safe, friendly community.

  • Average home price in the area: Median home price in Ogden is $224,000. Homes have increased in value by almost 20% in the last year. Rent costs average is $944 for an apartment. This is an 11% increase over last year.
  • Cost for a lift ticket/seasons passes
    • Season Passes start at $469 depending on the resort.
    • Packages allow you to ski at three of Ogden’s resorts for $157/day.
    • Individual weekday prices for adults range from $42 to $85 depending on the resort.

Ludlow, VT

Ludlow VT Ski Town

With a population just under 2000, this Windsor County town offers breathtaking landscape, a safe friendly environment, and a relaxed lifestyle. Its ethnic diversity and outdoor activities make it one of the best places to live in Vermont.

  • Average home price in the area: Median home value is $205,000. Rent costs average is $1250. This is a 4% increase over last year.
  • Cost for a lift ticket/seasons passes: Season tickets for adults start at $699

Durango, CO


Nestled in the mountains, Durango is a youth community with an average age of 32. The community boasts a high median income of just over $57,000.

One of the advantages of living in Durango is nearby wildlife areas. There are goods and services readily available and a wide range of outdoor activities. Durango’s distance from larger centers makes it appealing to many who choose to locate in this mountainous community of 18,500 near the New Mexico border.

  • Average home price in the area: Median home prices are ‎$363,700. Average rental cost is $1253. This is a 10% increase over last year.
  • Cost for a lift ticket/seasons passes: Tickets for adults are one day $99. Season ticket prices for the upcoming season are not yet available. Last season they were $699 to $949 depending on the resort.

South Lake Tahoe, CA

Tahoe SkiingLocated in El Dorado County, South Lake Tahoe has a diverse and young population of just over 21,000. The median income is $40,000. The median age is thirty-eight. Tourism jobs account for 50% of income.

South Lake Tahoe residents enjoy a safe, friendly community with lots of amenities. Opportunities to ski, rock climb, boat, hike, kayak, and jog abound.

This is a tourist town which adds diversity and a plethora of inns, resorts, restaurants, bars, and shops to the area.

  • Average home price in the area: The median home value is $326,800. Rental costs average $1429. This is a 14% increase over last year.
  • Cost for a lift ticket/seasons passes: Weekday tickets for adults are $49 to $99 depending on the resort. Season passes for adults start at $949.