Winter Park Snow Totals

For those looking to visit Winter Park as a part of a ski vacation, the timing of the trip can make all of the difference. Imagine planning your trip and showing up only to find that there is no snow, or that the snow levels are disappointingly thin. Because of this, we’ve gone ahead and compiled some data about Winter Park snow totals from the last few seasons. By analyzing previous years it becomes much easier to determine the optimal time to visit.

Winter Park Snow Totals

Winter 2016

  • Total Snowfall: 380 inches
  • Average base depth: 53 inches
  • Max base depth: 87 inches

Believe it or not, March and April saw the largest amounts of snowfall for the 2016 winter season, with both months having a minimum of 10 inches of snowfall but going up as high as 15 inches.

Winter 2015

  • Total Snowfall: 292 inches
  • Average base depth: 46 inches
  • Max base depth: 68 inches

A large step down in snow volume from the previous year. February and April were the peak months for this season, measuring in at an average of 10 inches for each of the two months.

Snow Totals for Winter Park

Winter 2014

  • Total Snowfall: 397 inches
  • Average base depth: 57 inches
  • Max base depth: 89 inches

A return to form and larger snow volumes, the Winter 2014 season on average had more consistent deep snowfall than 2016. The majority of this season’s snowfall was seen in February, leaking over into early March as well. This season actually places as having the deepest snow levels out of all of the seasons in this list.

Winter 2013

  • Total Snowfall: 320 inches
  • Average base depth: 45 inches
  • Max base depth: 80 inches

While better than other seasons, the snowfall in this season was still not on the upper end. This season is a good middle ground of all of the seasons. The majority of this season’s snow concentration was in April.

Winter Park Snow

Winter 2012

  • Total Snowfall: 224 inches
  • Average base depth: 61 inches
  • Max base depth: 38 inches

One of the lowest periods of snowfall out of all of the recent years. January and February saw the most activity, however the snow depth didn’t break 9 inches.

What Are The Results?

From the data, it’s becomes clear that the most consistent month for snowfall is during March.

This is most likely due to the mixture of humidity and rainfall from the approaching Spring season mixed with the cold and bitter temperatures left over from Winter. This perfect storm of conditions makes for the fluffiest and most suitable snow for Winter sports. While it might be tempting to head out as soon as the resorts open, waiting just a bit longer will lead to a more enjoyable snow experience.

All in all despite the variations between individual seasons, Winter Park’s snowfall is consistent and reliable, with even lighter seasons being sufficiently deep for all manner of Winter activities.