Winter Park Dispersed Camping

The great outdoors calls out to all of us, but its call is especially clear in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. There are plenty of campsites  near Winter Park, but if you want to get as close to nature as possible, you need to find an area for dispersed camping. The term dispersed camping refers to camping outside of a campground, and you need to be careful about choosing a spot where you can camp safely and legally. To help you we’ve found the best Winter Park dispersed camping areas that are nearby.

Vasquez Creek

Vasquez Road Dispersed Camping

  • 6 miles from Winter Park

This is a great place to head to if you’re planning your first dispersed camping trip.

Just a 15-minute drive from the Winter Park Resort is the Vasquez Creek dispersed camping area. To get there, you just need to take Vasquez road until it turns into Colorado State Highway 7. Along the road, you’ll see plenty of well-worn camping spots. The area is extremely popular with dispersed campers in the area because of how close it is to Winter Park and the access to Vasquez creek, which is a stone’s throw away from the road bearing its name. If you follow the creek, it will lead you to a pond where you can fish. It’s not large, but it’ll get the job done. Vasquez Creek has a lot going for it, which is why it’s a very popular spot for camping. It’s packed with campers more often than it is empty, especially on weekends. If you’re looking into dispersed camping because you’re interested in seclusion, then you might want to look farther out. Still, the camping off Vasquez road is so easy and convenient, and you might find you appreciate having company. 

Jones Pass Road

Jones Pass Dispersed Camping

  • 20 miles from Winter Park

The area is popular because it has beautiful views and offers easy access to hiking up Vasquez Peak.

If you’re looking for a great place to go hiking or simply get a great look at the mountains surrounding Winter Park, then Jones Pass Road is a great destination. It’s very easy to get to; there are signs leading the way all the way from I-70 to the pass.  Even if you don’t leave the road, you can find stunning vistas. This is a relatively high elevation camping area, even for Colorado! The going can be relatively steep just to get to where the camping area begins. A car with two-wheel drive can get you to the lower sites but if you want to access all of the camping spaces you need to come in a vehicle with four-wheel drive. You should also know that the wind will be in full force as you rise up. If you can deal with the challenges of Jones Pass, it’s well worth the extra effort. Waking up to a view of Colorado in all its natural splendor is the kind of moment that lasts.

Meadow Creek Reservoir

Meadow Creek Dispersed Camping

  • 19 miles from Winter Park

Meadow Creek Reservoir offers everyone a chance to set up camp alongside a truly beautiful lake.

The Meadow Creek Reservoir is a prime destination for a fishing trip. The Reservoir might be manmade, but it’s big, beautiful, and stocked with fish. But fishing is just the tip of the iceberg; the area is fantastic for all sorts of outdoor activities. You can go out on the lake in a non-motorized boat, as long as you can get them in the water without the aid of a boat ramp. There is also a When visiting you should keep in mind that you can’t set up camp within 100 feet of the reservoir. You also need to avoid the south shore, since it is privately owned. Even with these limitations, there are still plenty of beautiful spots to find along USFS Road 129. Just make sure you show up early because spots are available on a first come, first serve basis. The area falls within the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests’ Sulphur Ranger District, so they are the people to see for all appropriate passes and permits.  It’s an area that’s both picturesque, brimming with opportunities for adventure, and well worth a visit.