Winter Park CO Winter Activities

There are certain activities which have seasonal limitations surrounding them. Because of this, it can be important to learn about and plan for such activities ahead of time in order to make the best use of the season. In Colorado, winter sports are probably the best example of this. The entire state becomes abuzz with activity and tourism during the colder parts of the year. If you’re planning on being in Colorado during the Winter, it helps to know what kind of fun recreational activities are open to you. Winter Park, CO winter activities are some of the best the state has to offer. Let’s take a look at all the different experiences that can be had when the temperature drops.


Winter Park Snow SkiingFrom the bunny slopes to the double black diamonds, skiing is something that everyone should experience in their lifetime. Winter Park offers a variety of terrain for nearly every age group and level of experience. It’s the top winter activity in the area and for good reason.

The resort at Winter Park offers lodging and dining located conveniently close to some of the best ski slopes in the state.

Snow Tubing

Snow Tubing in Winter Park CO

The premise couldn’t be any more simple, but the adrenaline and excitement is very real.

While technically all you need to in order to snow tube is a spare tire and the snowy hill, there are places one can go in order to tube in a safe and controlled environment. One of such places is Colorado Adventure Park, which offers tubing excursions for the whole family. You won’t need to exhaust yourself by walking up the hill between each session as this place has a magic carpet lift to make things easier.


Snowmobile in Winter Park CO

Enjoy hiking through the wilderness? Fond of off-road biking? Snowmobiling manages to combine both past times together into one winter activity.

Snowmobiling is a very popular winter activity in the Winter Park area. The terrain and various trails are perfect for exploring on a snowmobile with the right combination of steep and flat slopes. It’s popular with thrill-seekers and those who are just looking to explore the area.

Ice Skating

Winter Park Ice Skating

Like dancing but even more beautiful and poetic, a good ice skater is able to seemingly glide across the ground like an ethereal, otherworldly being.

Grace, beauty, and discipline- ice skating is the sport of champions. Easy to learn, difficult to master, with enough practice almost anyone can learn to eventually master their skates. Those already familiar with regular roller skating or rollerblading will no doubt find this experience not too different, as most of the base movements are similar.

Sleigh Rides

Sleigh Rides in Colorado

Jingle bells, jingle bells, you know the rest. Enjoy a cozy and romantic guided tour through a frozen winter wonderland while being pulled by some truly majestic animals. Most sleighs are pulled by horses, but it’s possible to even experience a dog-pulled sleigh ride here. Make sure to bring some hot cocoa along for even more comfort on this family friendly winter activity in Winter Park!

For many sleigh rides are simply a thing in a Christmas song, but here in Winter Park sleigh rides are a reality.


Snowshoeing in Winter Park

Skiing is all about speed and reflexes, about how fast you can get down to the bottom of the slope. Snowshoeing on the other hand, is similar in form but not in function, as it is more focused on endurance. Longer distances are to be crossed and thus it is important for one to conserve their energy wisely.

Snowshoeing is essentially a more difficult version of hiking, however, the views given by walking through a freshly snowed-in area untouched by other humans are worth the extra challenge.