Winter Park CO Real Estate Market

Have you ever gone on a vacation to the mountain and wishing that the trip could last forever? Many have those thoughts, but few follow through on them. Plenty of excuses come to mind, the top two worries people have are about affordability and financial opportunity. The town of Winter Park is the solution to those problems. Its real estate market is affordable, and the job market is healthy.

If you’re looking for a hip new mountain community to call home, then you have to consider Winter Park. But don’t just take our word for it, let’s look at how the Winter Park CO real estate market stacks up to the competition by looking at the numbers.

Winter Park CO Real Estate

Winter Park is highly affordable when compared to other ski towns.

One of the great things about Winter Park is how housing costs compare with similar cities around Colorado and beyond. It offers all the beauty and excitement of leading mountain cities but living there is much less financially demanding. Just look at how the estimated median housing value in Winter Park measures up against other top ski towns:

  • Winter Park, CO: $405,753
  • Breckenridge, CO: $541,835
  • Aspen, CO: $573,540
  • Vail, CO: $660,936
  • Lake Tahoe, CA: $608,586
  • Telluride, CO: $943,787
  • Park City, UT: $972,559

This means that you can get a home or Condo in Winter Park for more than $100 thousand dollars less than you’d have to pay at Breckenridge or Aspen. But the savings are most stark when you look at places like Telluride or Park City, where housing prices are more than double those in Winter Park. If you’re looking for a top-shelf ski town experience at an affordable price, then Winter Park is the place to be.

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The Winter Park economy is very healthy.

Affordable housing is appealing on its own, but they wouldn’t mean much if there weren’t financial opportunities in the area. Fortunately, in Winter Park they’ve managed to keep costs down even as the economy grows.

Just compare the growth in Winter Park with the growth in Colorado as a whole:

  • Winter Park: 3.13%
  • Denver: 1.84%
  • Colorado: 1.8%

While in past years Colorado was growing at a rate similar to Winter Park’s it has begun to slow down. So while Colorado’s overall job growth has been cut almost in half over the course of 5 years Winter Park’s growth is still inspiring at a healthy 3.13%. Most people would assume that job growth in Denver would beat out that of a small ski town, but they would be wrong, Winter Park’s growth sets it apart.

And it isn’t just job growth that sets Winter Park apart from the rest of Colorado; it’s the quality of the jobs. Just take a look at the average hourly earnings in Winter Park and the state at large.

  • Winter Park: $29.14
  • Colorado: $23.42

In Winter park hourly earnings are $5.72 or almost 25% higher on average. So between the healthy job growth and impressive earnings, an investment in Winter Park real estate is an excellent financial decision.

Winter Park Colorado Real Estate

Winter Park is a growing city.

Right now Winter Park is something of a hidden gem, but with every day more and more people are discovering it. Already there’s been enough demand to inspire the creation of the Grand Park Development. This development is adding plenty of new and affordable housing on some of the most beautiful land in the country. But if you’re looking to invest you should do it sooner than later. Winter Park won’t remain a hidden treasure forever and once it’s discovered the property prices are likely to rise. Fortunately, this means that right now there are plenty of opportunities to get in on the ground floor of a fantastic community.

Winter Park is a short drive from some very valuable neighbors.

When considering a house or a city, it’s worth looking at the neighborhood. This is one of Winter Park’s greatest assets; it is located just a short drive away from the bustling city of Denver, fantastic ski slopes like Grand Park, and pristine nature in between. Residents of Winter Park have easy access to the best things in life. It’s the perfect destination for people who want to have their cake and eat it too.

  • Winter Park to Breckenridge: 65.6 Miles
  • Winter Park to Denver: 66.2 Miles
  • Winter Park to Boulder: 78.2 Miles
  • Winter Park to Vail: 82.2 Miles

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Residents love Winter Park for its tight-knit community.

It might seem like most people are heading to the city these days but there are also plenty of people disillusioned with that way of life. Not everyone was made to live in a city of millions where you’re always just a face in the crowd. In a town like Winter Park, you have a chance to return to a more natural way of life, living in a place where you actually know who your neighbors are. The people on the slopes might come and go with the seasons, but that just makes the locals who live in Winter Park all that much more tight-knit. This isn’t to say that you have to be a social butterfly to live here, you can still keep to yourself if you want to. But if you are looking for a more connected life then Winter Park has what you’ve been searching for.

If you’re like to live in Winter Park, please contact Grand Park today.