Winter Park Alpine Slide

Winter Park Resort is a fun-filled resort just minutes from Grand Park. The closeness of this wonderful attraction adds enormous value to the neighborhood of Grand Park. On top of a world class ski resort during the winter, Winter Park Resort offers a tons of summer amenities and family friendly options, like mountain top dining and outdoor activities for individuals of all ages. It also offers a unique record for the state of Colorado!

The Winter Alpine Slide

Longest Alpine Slide Colorado

The Winter Alpine Slide at the Winter Park Resort is the longest alpine slide in Colorado.

Designed with breath-taking adventure and fun in mind, the slide zig-zags down the mountain for over 3,000 feet. 610 feet of that track is an exhilarating vertical drop that will leave children and adults alike screaming with glee. The ride features bobsleds on a smooth track for optimum speed on the attraction. However, each bobsled is equipped with a brake so that riders can comfortably adjust their speed on each curve and turn. This feature ensures safety and fun for your little riders, or a rip-roaring good time for your older crowds!

Riders access the Winter Alpine Slide by taking a scenic six-minute ride up the Arrow Chairlift. It is important to note that there is a limit of 2 riders per chair on the lift! They’ll be able to take in scenic views of Colorado and it’s beautiful landscape and the joyful shrieks of riders ahead of them as they climb the peak of the Winter Park Resort!

Visiting the Winter Park Alpine Slide

Alpine Slide Winter Park

It doesn’t have to be winter season for visitors to enjoy the Winter Alpine Slide or the Winter Park Resort. The slide is open Summer and fall for the following dates:

  • June 16th – September (exact date to be announced) Daily 10am-5pm
  • September 5th- October 1st on weekends only 10am-5pm

There are two rates available for single riders, based on age. Children 5 and under must pay $6 for tickets, while anyone over the age of 5 must pay $20. Admission to the Alpine Slide is not included with resort admission, and tickets to ride this dramatic and daring attraction are sold separately at the resort ticket window. It is important to note that no children under the age of 2 are allowed on the attraction for safety reasons. Any children between 2 and 5 must ride with an adult in their sleds with no exception.

Other Attractions at the Winter Park Resort

Trestle Bike Park

After a few rounds on the Winter Park Alpine Slide, there are several attractions at the Winter Park Resort to consider during the summertime.

  • If the breathless excitement has left you hungry, try the Sunset Mountaintop Lodge for a fantastic winter mountaintop dinner and a taste of delectable fondue.
  • Enjoy several hands-on activities such as the putting course, disc golf, or Mary Jane Mineral Panning.
  • Enjoy a thrill with the climbing wall, Leaps & Bounds Bungee or Downhill Mountain Biking at Trestle Bike Park (be aware this last activity requires separate tickets bought at the resort ticket window.)
  • The Bouncy Snowcat, an inflatable bouncy house specifically for your little ones.
    Shops and retail stores

Winter Park Resort is a fantastic family-friendly resort for you and your kids. Though the Alpine Slide costs slightly more at the ticket window, it’s a thrilling experience well worth the expense. It’s proximity to Grand Park is one of the reasons this community is a proud place to call home!