Places to Eat in Winter Park Colorado

The breaking of bread has been an important part of societal rituals in many cultures. There’s something special about sitting down with your closest friends and family over good food and even better drink. We’ve compiled a list of some of the tastiest and most atmospheric places to eat in Winter Park Colorado for those looking for recommended restaurants in the area.

The Foundry

Foundry Winter Park


A wood fired pizza oven, a full bar, a bowling alley, and a cinema all rolled into one fine establishment. There isn’t much more you can ask for during a night out! This place has fantastic pizza which you can enjoy while you watch a movie or if you’re at the lanes. They’ve also got pool and shuffle board for even more entertainment.

If you’re looking for a full on night of fun during your time in Winter Park, the Foundry is the place to be. It’s also very kid friendly and a great place to host parties.

Mountain Grind Cafe and Bistro

Mountain Grind Bistro Winter Park


Finding good vegan food can be tough. Their menu consists of standard all-American dishes such as soups, salads, and sandwiches. Of course, being a cafe, Mountain Grind also has a wide selection of coffee and tea to choose from. Sweets such as cookies and cakes are also available to go along with your beverage.

Those looking to visit Winter Park but worried about having vegan friendly dining choices can breathe a sigh of relief as Mountain Grind Cafe and Bistro offers plenty of vegan friendly choices on their menu.

Pepe Osaka’s Fishtaco

Pepe Osakas Winter Park


The name says it all. Take two favorites everyone knows and loves- Mexican inspired dishes and Japanese style fish preparation- the result is Pepe Osaka’s unique brand Latin-Asian fusion cuisine, one of our favorite places to eat in Winter Park, Colorado.

In addition to great food, Pepe Osaka’s also sports a tequila bar which offers a variety of cocktails made using tequila. Those in a less adventurous mood wanting something a bit more mild to drink may instead be interested in the many latin beers the bar has to offer. Authentic Japanese sake is also available here, keeping the Latin-Asian fusion strong.

Goodys Mountain Creperie

Goodys Mountain Creperie


The crepe- accessible, sweet, yet still exotic and somewhat rare. After all, not every place serves crepes. There’s something about crepes which make them the perfect indulgence while away on vacation or taking some time out on the town. For those looking for such an experience, Goodys is their one stop crepe shop.

For more substantial non-sugary foods, Goodys is also home to a number of burgers, paninis, and omelets. If it’s heavy, greasy, and more of all, tasty, it can probably be found right at home on Goody’s menu. Those looking to let go a little bit and enjoy their Winter Park dining experience to the fullest will have a great time at Goodys.

Believe it or not, despite their menu of delicious comfort foods, Goodys Mountain Creperie also serves a wide selection of health conscious vegetarian options as well. Those watching their figure will have no problem joining in alongside friends who aren’t.

The Smokehouse BBQ

Smokehouse BBQ Winter Park


Barbeque wings and ribs are among many things the West is known for. Colorado and even more specifically, Winter Park, do not disappoint when it comes to this area.

The Smokehouse is a classic institution which might not be as pretty or dolled up as other establishments, but provides a raw and authentic atmosphere.

Get a taste of true Colorado home cooking with a menu featuring briskets, thighs, links, and of course ribs. The Smokehouse also provides catering to those looking to host their next event in Winter Park. Whether it’s a wedding or a birthday, your guests will be sure to enjoy the food at this delicious winter park restaurant!

Hernandos Pizza Pub

Hernandos Pizza


Pizza is perhaps one of the most common and well loved foods in America, so we had to include another pizza spot. When choosing where to eat as a group, it’s hard to go wrong with pizza. Hernando’s Pizza Pub specifically is also one of the highest rated eateries in Winter Park.

A longstanding cornerstone of Winter Park, Hernandos Pizza Pub has been the choice of both locals and tourists from all the way back when Winter Park was known as Hideaway Park.

Food aside, Hernando’s is also known for its unique and eclectic atmosphere. A long standing tradition of the establishment, the walls are covered in thousands of $1 bills, each decorated by guests and patrons. Supposedly over $20,000 worth of bills cover the walls of Hernandos.