Maintenance Free Living

To give yourself more time to do the things you love to do, we’ve created an opt-in package to take care of the yard, snow removal and a few other things.

Lawncare and Landscape Maintenance     *$900/yr.
May 15-Oct. 15 *Contracted out yearly

Includes cutting, trimming, edging, blow-offs, fertilizing 3 times, spraying weeds one time, picking up loose trash, weekly/seasonal bed maintenance, sprinkler system set up in Spring and blow down in Fall(* If applicable), spring clean-up to include power raking, aerating and fertilizing.

Snow Removal     *$680/yr. 
Nov. 15-Apr. 15 *Estimate based on snow conditions
Includes driveway, sidewalk and decks. Snow can be removed regularly whenever there is more than 2″ of snow, or homeowners can schedule snow removal by request with a 2-day advance notice, by Wednesday of each week.

Monthly Walkthroughs     $600/yr.
Includes running water, flushing toilets, checking heat and and a basic assessment of any visual damage.

Total Annual Fee     $2,180/yr.

Average Monthly Fee     $181.67

These funds are held in a segregated account for your specific home. Each month you will receive a statement detailing the results of the services provided. If fewer services are required, you will receive a refund. If more services are required, you will be billed the difference.

Please submit your request to opt-in or discontinue service in writing to or Meredith Lipscomb at P.O. Box 30, Winter Park, CO 80482. Please allow 30 days to process your request.