Denver to Winter Park Shuttle

Are you an adventurous traveler interested in tackling the mountains of one of the best mountain towns in Colorado for your next holiday getaway? Or perhaps a Colorado native looking to take advantage of the beautiful nature surrounding the city? Whatever the reason, Winter Park is a fantastic destination to live and visit.

Thankfully, there is a Denver to Winter Park shuttle which offers its services and makes frequent trips up to and down from Winter Park. In addition, there are a number of alternatives for those with different comfort and cost needs. We’ve gone ahead and compiled a handy informative article which lists the transportation from Denver to Winter Park options you need in order to plan your trip.

Home James Transportation (Shuttle Bus)

Winter Park Shuttle


  • Up to 22 unique daily departures
  • Complimentary movies and water
  • Luxury seating in a high-end vehicle


  • Cost that comes along with the associated comfort

The Denver to Winter Park shuttle is most active during the Winter season, where it departs from Winter Park as early as 5:30 am and departs from the Denver International Airport as late as 10:00 pm. Each trip takes approximately 2 hours, however, the shuttle is packed with many accommodations to pass the time such as in-trip movies.

While one of the most convenient and luxurious options, the pricing can be a bit steep- usually ranging from around 70$ to 100$ per single adult ticket. Thankfully, the savvy traveler is able to make use of many deals and specials offered by the shuttle services, such as reduced group ratings and half-off on children’s tickets.

Amtrak Winter Park Express (Train)

Amtrak Winter Park Ski Train


  • Free Wi-Fi and Power
  • The ability to get up and walk around
  • Great view and memorable experience


  • Limited number of tickets
  • More expensive than some of the lower end options

A unique option, this specific train route is only available January through March and only on weekends. There is some history to this trip though, as it has been offered since 1912. This trip is an experience in and of itself and will be sure to leave as much of an impression on you as the rest of your stay at Winter Park.

While tickets normally cost anywhere between $39 and $59, those who act fast and book early are able to score discount tickets as cheap as $29.

Greyhound (Public Bus)

Winter Park Greyhound Bus


  • Incredibly affordable, cheapest option on this list
  • Free Wi-Fi and Power


  • Not designed for luxury, bare accommodations
  • Not much seating space

Those looking for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness will be pleased by what Greyhound offers. With tickets averaging around $20 and sometimes as low as $15, you will not be able to find a cheaper alternative.

Granted, said price comes at the expense of splitting the transportation costs with other passengers. Since this is a shared, public method of Denver to Winter Park transportation, those looking for privacy or leg room may end up disappointed. The interiors of Greyhound busses generally are nice and there is indeed a level of comfort provided to passengers, but some buses are older and may be a bit worn out than others, so your experience may vary.

Uber/Lyft (Private Taxi/Ride Share)

Uber and Lyft to Winter Park


  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Can input custom destinations, including sequenced destinations
  • Not as expensive as a taxi or a private charter


  • Service is very much up to the luck of the draw
  • Vehicles vary, but are usually smaller consumer sedans
  • Drivers may not be experienced with driving through mountains

The popular ridesharing applications Uber and Lyft can also be used in order to schedule a trip to either Winter Park or the Denver International Airport. Pricing depends on the time of day, distance, and the current supply and demand of drivers, however, the price is consistently cheaper than a taxi or private shuttle.

It must be noted however that Uber and Lyft drivers are mainly comprised of regular people with consumer cars looking to make income on the side. Because of this, your driver may be unaccustomed to driving conditions imposed upon by the route up the mountain. While still safe, there is always the possibility of unforeseen delays or confusion.