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Things to Do in Fraser, Colorado

People’s first thoughts of Colorado often jump to the state’s capitol, but the best experiences are always found in the mountains. Whether it’s winter or summer, Colorado’s fantastic mountain towns always have something to offer. A great example of a cozy little mountain town in Colorado with plenty to do is Fraser. This town is […]


Mountain Towns Near Denver

Colorado is internationally renowned for its beautiful scenery, high quality of life, and abundance of outdoor activities it offers. Everybody’s familiar with the big cities like Denver, Colorado Springs, and Boulder, but might forget about Colorado’s quaint mountain towns, often only a short distance from major cities. These tucked-away retreats offer beautiful scenery, a rich […]


Best Places to Retire in Colorado

Colorado might not be one’s first thought when it comes to retirement options- but it should be! Abundant nature, great weather, and historic cities are just a few of the reasons why Colorado sticks out as a fantastic retirement location. If you don’t believe us then see for yourself the kinds of offerings that Colorado […]