The Best Place to Invest in Real Estate in Colorado

For a very long time Colorado was a very underrated state. It’s always had a very high quality of life and the mountains have longtime made it a fantastic vacation destination all year round. For the better or worse, the cat is finally out of the bag and it’s no longer a secret that Colorado is one of the best states in the nation to live at the moment. The sudden interest in the Centennial State has had a drastic effect on the housing market and over the last few years Colorado has become a fantastic place to invest in real estate. Let’s look at at some of the reasons why Colorado real estate is so hot right now and some of the best places to invest.

People Moving to Colorado

Colorado is Growing at an Astounding Rate

Over the last few years, people are moving to Colorado from all over the country at a very high rate. From the thriving local economy to an abundance of beautiful nature and things to do, it’s really no surprise at all. This astounding growth doesn’t look to be slowing anytime soon as Denver and other parts of the state are quickly expanding to accommodate all the new residents.

Property Value all over the State is Increasing

If you own property in Denver, then you know how lucrative the last few years have been. Property value is higher than it’s ever been before and rent prices are soaring. However, this trend is not limited to Denver. The surrounding counties, as well as mountain communities, and areas in the north of the state are all experiencing extreme growth. For those lucky enough to have bought land or homes 5+ years ago they are already reaping the benefits of their investment.

Getting in Front of the Trend

While there are still some good deals in purchasing real estate to be found in the suburb communities of Denver, savvy investors have already moved in quickly. A few years ago if you could have foreseen Denver’s growth, it would have been the place to buy, but now it’s turned into a very competitive and expensive market. Aside from the Denver metro area, the next best place to invest in Colorado real estate is in the mountains. Whether it’s a second home, your primary residence, or an investment property you are looking to rent out, the mountains are a major appeal for Coloradans and visitors alike.

Colorado Real Estate Investing

Why Winter Park, Colorado?

While Colorado is composed of hundreds of smaller communities dotted throughout the Rocky Mountains, we believe Winter Park is currently the best place to invest in real estate in Colorado for a number of different reasons.

1) Proximity to Denver

While there’s definitely an appeal of living in an isolated mountain town nowhere near a city, the reality for most people is that the city is where the best jobs are located. For that reason, city-dwellers often opt for a second home in the mountains they can visit on weekends and holidays. While there are a plethora of mountain towns within 2 hours drive of Denver, the closest one with a world class resort is Winter Park. Also, the highway to get up to the mountains, I-70, has some of the worst traffic in the country (especially during ski season) and traveling to Winter Park allows you to avoid the notorious Eisenhower Tunnel choke point.

Colorado Real Estate Investments

2) Winter Park is Still Affordable

The majority of Winter Park and the Fraser area is still a small, sleepy mountain town. This place hasn’t experienced the crazy amount of growth and investment that places like Aspen, Vail, Keystone, or Breckenridge have. You can still buy a brand new, beautiful mountain homes starting around $300,000 here. Aspen and Vail are in another echelon of extremely high real estate prices, but even Keystone and Breckenridge you would be hard-pressed to find a deal like this.

3) The Future of Winter Park is Bright

Right now there’s a perfect storm of events happening that have combined to make Winter Park one of the best opportunities for investing in Colorado real estate. Those reasons are what sparked our vision for the Grand Park Community. That being said, besides the affordable prices, proximity to Denver, growing population, and increasing property values in Colorado, there’s one reason that trumps all others as to why investing in Winter Park is a good idea. This town is an incredible place to live! World class skiing and mountain biking, fishing, hiking, and great local businesses to check out. Not to mention the possibility of being the only ski resort accessible by train from Denver.